Sunday, September 30, 2007

The footyball game

Maybe I had heard of the Bartel person who won the Brownlow Medal in our AFL football this year. Maybe I have heard his name, that is all. Now that I have seen him splashed left right and centre in the media, I have considered him. He is quite nice looking in a sweet way. Hard to imagine him giving an opponent an elbow in the face or a knee to the crotch behind play. Clearly your Brownlow Medal winner has to be a nice guy and a skilled football player. Best and fairest.

Wow, he could be gay. But after the disappointment of Koutafidis, I would never go out on such a limb.

But this Bartel person must be a very decent guy. He has made something like ninety community appearances over the year. He is a good friend to and always there for them, two teen brothers with multiple sclerosis who are wheelchair bound. He has not been in the media for drug use nor violence at a night club.

Some people may think he is gay. I don't care. He is nice looking but not to my taste.

Here is a text I wrote to send my sister last night. I saved it to send in the morning but I did not. My lust only lasts until it becomes hard work. It will be someone else tomorrow.

Hi sister. U Know about about footy stuffs. Brother was forced to watch big footyball match and has fallen in love with geelong player no 4. 1/2 hour searching on the net and still cannot confirm. Is he andrew mackie? Say hi to most beautiful baby in world.


  1. Bartel.

    He has a partner. It is a man. That's all I know.

    Can I be sued? I don't think so.

    Or I will use the Quentin Crisp defence.

  2. AM not up with the footy players, but they are cute..mostly :)

  3. Is there any other reason to watch football than to perve?
    I didn't get that memo.

    P.S Hooray for The Storm!! Do you lot even CARE down there???

  4. A perv is why I watch women's netball.

  5. And often nicer in the flesh Cazzie.

    Don't care at all Steph. There must have been five minutes of rugby on tv news last night from Aus and overseas. My eyes just glaze over.

    Fine RH. You seem ok in spite of your sexuality.

  6. Thanks, I'd say the same for you, but it might cause gossip.