Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fighting against the inevitable

Oh look. There is a My Space button on someone's blog. The sensible me tries to talk sense to the bad me.

Don't do it Andrew. Do not click there. You will be here for hours.

I just want to have a quick look.

You already spend far too much time in front of the pc. You don't need another thing to get involved in.

But, but......

You know what will happen. You will want to set up your own page.

But it would just be a simple one.

You know what you are like.

What about Face Book then?


I have resisted until another day.


  1. I am very close to somebody who signed on at FB.
    She was very glad she used a fake name and did not enter her normal email address ... because, lo! and behold! FB has somekind of 'bot' which immediately flings up Evahbodeeee in one's Contacts list.

    Suddenly My Friend had 133 'Friends'.
    Some of them were people she would rather not have reading her FB.

    so tread warily.

  2. Understand Ann. I did something with both msn chat and yahoo chat and everyone in my address book was my friend. No, not really. So the Witchy woman has 133 friends?

  3. No, it isn't me. I'm sensible and only have blog friends and remain elegantly anonymous. I did sign up to facebook and stupidly told the truth but I resigned when they wanted too much information and I didn't use the gmail address.