Thursday, August 30, 2007

You pay, why should I? PT rant 3

All Australian capitol cities are expanding and the new areas are very car dependant as they don't have any decent public transport. By this, I mean a shortish walk to a bus that can deliver them to a decent and fast rail system.

Well, if you want a McMansion in Upper Combuctor West, then suffer. I have trams and buses sailing past my door all the time and it is not too far to walk to the train station. But I pay dearly to live where I live. The expenses are high and our abode is probably a third of the size of your McMansion.

I think while you should pay for some of your public transport through your taxes, and don't forget I am paying them too, it should primarily come via your developer who should be forced to supply everything in a housing estate. Costs you more, costs the developer some profit, costs the local council, ok, that is you again, and it will cost me via my taxes. I am happy to pay my bit if you are.


  1. Totally off topic but if you want more online news about New Orleans and Katrina, is good.

    On topic, more buses and more buses can only be good as long as the roads are.

  2. You roads lobbyist you. Don't you want a nice train to take you to Great Southernlands?

    Re Katrina, thanks. I will check it out. This is suddenly a lot of info around.

  3. It's so stupid that I have to walk 15 mins to a bus stop or 30 mins to another stop for Southland. The first bus takes me to Mentone where I get out, walk across the road and get another bus to S/land so the train wouldn't do me much good.

  4. I guess you are a bit of a way away from the bus route. Suppose you did not imagine using bus transport when you moved there.