Monday, August 13, 2007

Way Wrong

A 92 year old woman is assaulted while in bed at night in her own home. I am not sure of the mentality of someone who would punch a 92 year old woman home alone in her bed.

Her home has been broken into six times in a short period, the last time being just a few days before, Saturday night. Ok, she does not live in the poshest of areas, but no matter. She has lived in her house for fifty years. What must it be like to live in a house for fifty years and reach the age of ninety two and then be punched up in your own bed by an intruder after suffering five previous break ins in a short time?

Who is there to protect this person? Was she a drug dealer when she was younger? Did she breed scum sons? Is there some reason why she should suffer like this? I don't know.

But at her age, this should not happen.

Clearly she does not have the protection of Victoria's police force. I guess she wouldn't get enough for her Housing Commission house to move to a little flat in Brighton where the police force would actually do something if the same happened, not that it would in Brighton. She would be more likely to die and no one know about it until the postie noticed a pile up of letters.

Commissioner Nixon, I really think you ought to have a good look at the Victorian Police Force in the area where she lives. It is not right and it is clear that no resources were devoted to the case. The Victorian Police cannot even protect a ninety two year old woman. Shame.


  1. What's sad is that it was probably a decent neighborhood when she moved there, and now she can't even go to sleep without worrying.

    It really is an outrage when those who should be watched after are ignored.

  2. it really disturbs me when I hear such stories...especially such elderly women being bashed etc. Who in the world cud do such a thing?????


  3. I will tell you what the mentality of a person that does something like this is - SICKO!

  4. As Firehorse says Keshi, a pretty sick person. But the police force are there to protect people against sickos, and clearly they are not doing their job.

  5. Ah Daisy Jo, no not really. It looked like government housing to me. There are some suburbs that are almost all government housing and there are many social issues, as you can imagine.

  6. Saddening and bloody frustrating..sorry..but it is the truth..poor love.

  7. That's a very sad story and absolutely disgusting that an old lady cannot live her last few years feeling safe and secure in her own home.

  8. Yes Cazzie and Jo, sad and disgusting.