Saturday, August 04, 2007

Un Vicar like behaviour

A minister of religion abused some poor young lads in our fair city. He swore at them, used personally derogatory terms and racial abuse. Just confirms what I have always thought about religious types.

But wait, I have a lot of sympathy for this bloke. The church entrance was seen as a fine place for younguns to do a bit of skateboarding. Once I heard two lads on a tram discussing the merits of said place for skateboarding.

Skateboarding in public spaces is noisy and frightens and alarms people. Melbourne has some great skateparks and it about to get another good one at St Kilda, in spite of my protestations to council. (How many teenagers live within a kilometre of Fitzroy Street?)

When the memorial to the Bali bomb victims was being built in Swanston Street, Carlton, it was clear to me that it would be a great skating surface. Sure enough, they came and did immense damage and much of the work had to be redone and then anti skating measures put in place. It was a disgraceful waste of money by the City of Melbourne. It was perfectly predictable that skateboarders would find it attractive.

While it not quite as attractive as it was, there are still big open flat paved areas, so the skateboarders still use it.

City of Melbourne tell me that it is not their policy to prosecute minors and that it is regularly patrolled by bylaws officers and the skaters are told to move on.

Well City of Melbourne, try prosecuting their parents then for the illegal activity of their children.

School holidays of course and every Saturday afternoon they are there, so I am not really sure that bylaws officers do patrol the memorial.

So I have quite a bit of sympathy for this clerical person who lost it when dealing with absolute scum. He was lucky that the physical attack he endured was not worse.

Now, what I want to do is go and slap a few of these kids who skate over the Bali bombing memorial. Don't you know that this is a memorial to dead people who were blown up in a terrorist attack? It is in your memory even.

City of Melbourne is only second behind VicRoads as a disgrace, but only just.


  1. My cousin was killed in the Bali Bombings - I find this sort of behaviour not only degatory, but incredibly disrespectful... more disrespectful than I can even put into words.

    I have some empathy for Reverend Monsignor Geoff Baron - but I feel his words were also incredibly disrespectful. So who is in the wrong?

  2. I agree with you completely. These kids need a good kick up the backside but know they they will be allowed to get away with it with little more than a telling off.

  3. All a bit like signing up Basil Fawlty as the friendly face of Catholicism.

    His abuse was totally unacceptable, shoot the little twats without saying a word of abuse I say. (Well you'd expect that from a God fearing atheist wouldn't ya.)

    What's that saying about two wrongs not making a right? They may not do that but they sure make a riot - media riot at that.

    Now I'm going outside into our street to napalm couple of hoons dong burn-outs and do-nuts.

    Curmudgeons are the new black I tells ya!

  4. "hoons doing" is what meant to say. There is absolutely no sight of a "hoon dong" (a fine name for an oriental eating establishment dare I suggest - in a Kenneth Williams sort of way) in our leafy street as far as I can see (and I do have powerful binoculars).

  5. My thoughts are hes only human the guy had enough this isnt just a one off thing it's been going on for ages I'm sure if they were acting up on my property I would be doing more than using words.... Oh yeah because hes a priest I forgot they dont swear and curse... 2 things humans and retaliation

  6. Unfortunate about your cuz Rosanna. Neither is right, both were wrong. It is a matter for police and bylaws officers. Who can find one of them?

    M'lord some lateral thinking was needed and I am thinking a slingshot in the bell tower. A minister of religion firing yonnies at skateboarder. Preposterous. The media would never believe it.

    Hoon Dong is in Box Hill and he specialises in duck. He can give you any sort of duck you like.

    And they never drink Robyn and are never ratty first thing in the morning when kids are making a clackety clack noise over paving cracks.

  7. It was a bit sad, actually. I have only really just started to tell people. I think truth is a funny thing.

  8. The Bali bombings mention brings tears to my eyes every time. All I can say is I nursed 2 of the victims for many weekd, 4 nights a week. It is with me still.
    I never knew there was a memorial in Melbourne for it, I feel ashamed NOT to know this I need to go see it. I wish they'd planted a massiv garden of flowers for each victim in the Botanical Gardens instead..maybe put some locally made ceramic or someshuch kind of statues there too..of happy things for each person too...this would surely be better alternative to what IS there...I will see when I find this place you speak of.
    Kids...yes, build a skate park...lay some cement and they shall come. They are a menace on the trains, a menace in shoppin centres....anywhere they can be found.
    On NYE I took 3 of my sproutlings in by train for the NYE celebrations. We got off the train at Flindes Street. Walking along, holding hands we were and a kid comes along, age about 7 (age of my 3rd baby) and almost knocked my Sarah off of the platform onto the tracks! I told him off. WHat'd he do? He came back and gave me a big mouthful of smutty words. Where were the AO's..on the next platform. I hollared over to them. Thank God they go the little turd!! But..he would be off to do it again. Where WERE his parents?

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  10. atleast the kids hv an excuse...they r kids. But the Reverend?


  11. The memorial is a bit sad at the moment as the fountain is turned off and it has been boarded over. I took a pic and made a post a couple of years ago.

    And a little inside knowledge can be helpful at times eh Cazzie. I am sure night went better after that.

    Sure Keshi. He is unsuited to his role I think.