Monday, August 13, 2007

Sack City of Melbourne

Is there no end to incompetency of City of Melbourne? From invalid parking fines to snouts in troughs while the council is in financial trouble.

What is their latest, no second latest. Sack council workers and then rehire them to do the same job with less pay and lesser conditions.

How about this one I just learned of. Many of the fountains are being switched back on that were turned off due to the drought. I hadn't noticed that the drought was over. Anyway, I never agreed with them being turned off.

Mayor So says they can be filled from Royal Park wetlands. That's right So. Empty the wetlands of water. The first Australian solution to any water shortage is to steal some from somewhere else. The fountains that are to be refilled are ones that lose minimal water when operating.

Well, would it not have just been better to leave the water in them that was already there and they could have kept operating.

Here is the doozy though. The Bali Memorial Fountain is to be switched back on. About two weeks ago workers came along and built a timber frame in the fountain and then boarded it over after it has sat open and empty since last year. The amount of timber used would have cost thousands of dollars, never mind the labour cost. And now it is all going to be removed. I despair!!!


  1. Snouts in troughs? Translate, please!! Is it eating lots of donuts?

  2. Literally Daisy Jo, it refers to pigs putting their snouts in the food trough. Read councillors getting their share of what ever is available. Not really corruption, just greed.

  3. Greed is so bad isn't it? I have witnessed this on this very day. A good friend died today..her family no where to be seen for a few she is dead they want their slice of the pie...sad greed..very sad.

  4. Sorry about your friend Cazzie. It has not happened ever in our family, but I have seen the rels turn up for their share of the kill in other families.