Thursday, August 02, 2007

Religious Clarification or how to win blog mates #33

I am not sure if I have ever spelt this out clearly, although long time readers would have picked it up, but here goes.

I do not believe in religion. I actively dislike religion. Religion seems to cause much of the world's problems. Thankfully I live in one of the least religious countries in the world.

If you are religious, don't be offended. I only judge you up to a point if you are religious. I have my faults too.

I respect your right to believe in a greater being and you can respect my right to not believe. We know how it is then and we don't need to discuss it. So, if I have the occasional 'go' at religion, don't take it personally. It will usually be christians and they are used to it.

Now can someone tell me if Jehovahs are christian?


  1. Jehovahs ... Christians?

    Mmmm. Dunno, they are people what walk the streets touting their wares. There's a word what describes that sort of activity and it don't start with 'C'.

    Might be a bit jaundiced in my view, but I was accosted by a pack of them today. (Seems like they always move in packs - usually with a couple of kiddies in tow).

    Said earnest pamphlet bearers were not put off by my protestation that I was a Devil worshiper. They just barreled on (giving every inidication they were Bombay call centre employers in a previous life) with their "We're all doomed" (specially if you're a Catholic) Godbothering spiel.

  2. Hi Andrew

    Yes is the short answer although they've rejected quite a lot of the orthodoxy of mainstream Christianity.

    Last year a woman in England was told to remove a sign from her front garden which said

    "Our dogs are fed on Jehovah's Witnesses"

    Her husband had put it up 32 years previously after they'd been door-knocked. They hadn't been bothered since.



  3. Andrew, funny you mention thisd subject, as it was part of discussion a few Sunday's ago on Joy FM. They were speaking with a priest...sorry, I don't recall his name. It was an interesting conversation I heard on my way into work. What he (the priest) was saying, was that he does not push religion as such onto people, just that some people turn to it in times of strife.
    I am not religious. I do believe in higher powers...powers we hold in our SELF. You know, my fav book, "The Power of Now". Not religious, just a realisation of self and how we are just a speck in the Ocean in the Evolution of life...etc etc... yadda yadda..yep...

  4. What a ripper tale Pants.

    I think along those lines too Cazzie.

  5. did my current post on JWs inspire u to write this Andrew? :)

    anyways I dun hv an ans to ur qn but I know RELIGION is the root of all wars.


  6. It did Keshi. I felt somewhat annoyed on your behalf, well just annoyed really, after reading it.

  7. I hope ur not annoyed at me? :)

    well yeah it makes me feel so sad that religions/beliefs make some ppl detach from their true friends and loved-ones. Its so wrong. Its just the opposite of the TRUTH that they say they r seeking!


  8. Course not Keshi. I was annoyed that this person really was a friend and then switched off. You have invested time and effort in her and no doubt her in you. But then something spoiled it. Actually, blaming religion is silly. It comes from the person. She chose what she wanted. Move on hon.

  9. They saw a soft target M'lord. Musta have been the beard.

  10. very true...nothing external can really affect ya id u have true feelings for a person.