Friday, August 03, 2007

Post inspired by ......

What to write when I am in the mood for writing nonsense? Daisy Jo can take the blame.

Ok, here is one. I have heard this. 'All woman have a fantasy of being raped by a black man'. What mental image does that conjure? A six foot tall massively hung black American hunk having his wicked way with you? Of course in your dreams he will be assertive but not nasty, well just a little bit. Only one gentle smack across the face.

Works for me.

Thug porn is very big on the net, as is interracial and older white women with black men, so you are not alone.

What about other inappropriate types?

What about the skinny guy with long bleached hair with his ciggies tucked into the sleeve of his tee?

What about the bearded arab guy who looks at you with absolute lust, but knows he must be a good religious person.

What about the incredibly handsome Indian lad who reeks of garlic?

What about the masculine looking Asian guy? He may not be overly large downunder, but he is so handsome.

What about the Spanish/Latin guy who you know will be very quick and very passionate?

What about the young guy in the office who wears a cheap ill fitting suit, but there is something about him?

Sportsman? Forget it. He expends his energy elsewhere, unless his name is Warne, who seems to have energy enough for both.

Nerdy type with black rimmed glasses? It will be quick for him. He doesn't leave his books very often.

Celeb? You would have to praise them a lot and pander to their ego.

Junkie? Nah. So much nodding is not good for the spine and performance.

Your average Aussie bloke is perhaps not a bad choice, even if said Aussie bloke is hard to define. While they could be defined as neglectful once they have been there a few times, I think they care quite their own way.

Whoever you end up with, you can always have your fantasies.


  1. You forgot one.

    The young, teachable type, where you must describe in detail everything that needs to be taught.


  2. I'm with Daisyjo on this one.

    There's nothing like a blank slate to write one's desires on.

  3. A person who talk when you want them to, and who listens when they need to, and knows just what to do at the right time.

  4. Can I have a crack at all of them?

  5. Beware young men. There are older women who want to 'educate' you.

    Cazzie obviously like the more experienced type.

    Steph just likes.

  6. I could say something about just about all of those, but then I'd probably be tagged a racist even though I'd be speaking from personal experience, so I guess I'll just say: YUCK.

    And no, I don't have fantasies about being raped by a black man. Being raped (by anyone) is something very different from what fantasy predicts.

    I'll stick with my manbeast. Troll-like, nerdy and built like a brick shithouse but knows how to use his hands.

  7. Where do I go with the last phrase Ren? Think I will leave it alone.

  8. **What about the incredibly handsome Indian lad who reeks of garlic?

    ROFL!!!! :):)


  9. Actually Keshi, I have never met an Indian guy who reeks of garlic. What I wanted to say was reeks of b.o. and I should have. I discussed this with an Indian friend recently and he says there is some ignorance among Indian students about personal hygiene and deodorant.