Sunday, August 26, 2007

Parky Scissor Sisters

Michael Parkinson shows can be good. They are sometimes boring. Tonight it was great. Guests George Michael, who I missed as I arrived home just as he finished, Stephen Fry, always a good interviewee and US comedian Joan Rivers. Special performing guest, The Scissor Sisters.

George Michael had nice legs or perhaps just nice tight shorts when he made Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, put apart from that, I don't find him very interesting. The scandals about him have made him more newsworthy, but ho hum, old Greek man. I do like his music though.

Stephen Fry is a hoot. I like clever witty people. He is and gay as well. Who would have thought. His guts is larger than mine, larger than R's. I feel better now.

Scissor Sisters. I knew nothing about them until I realised there were three guys and one woman. My ears pricked up. But I did not research. You have to leave yourself wanting.

I have given up trying to keep up with young peoples' music. (have I inserted my apostrophe in the correct place? One hates to insert things in the wrong place) I suppose Scissor Sisters are a bit old hat for young peoples who like spoken lyrics by black men but I adored them. I was thinking New Romantics. Their music was great. I might just legally illegally download the vid. And who said fat chicks can't have fun. The lead singer was not a Twiggy, but a healthy buxom lass in a great outfit, hair and makeup. She looked fantastic. Mega praises to the Scissor Sisters and I will do some research now.

I like clever humour. The Chaser is back on ABC tv soon. Spicks and Specks is always a laugh. Joan Rivers is a very base humorist. It was many years ago when she made a Maggie Thatcher joke and then the real Maggie Thatcher appeared before her and Joan went to water. I am sure it is documented on the web. You do the research. But my golly was she funny tonight on Parky. I laughed till tears came from my eyes.

It is a few years since she was in Melbourne to be a judge at Dulcie's Dog Show, and I was quite impressed with her that day. She is so old now, not that you would know because of surgery.

She reminds me a bit of Dame M in looks, but perhaps more of the Brighton Antique Dealer in her words. BAD has a filthy mouth. Dame M looks away.

BAD's birthday on Monday and we are catching up tomorrow night (Sunday) to not celebrate it. I don't have to work the next day so I am relying on R to not let me have too many glasses of the Balaclava Hotel's best vino de rouge. My self discipline is excellent when I have to work the next day. It is bad when I don't. Feel free to join us. We will be on a large table, old women and old poofs of the down to earth variety and maybe a dyke and a straight chick or two. Remember, we older folk peak early.


  1. OMG - who could have imagined in the 80s that George Michael would start to look like a dangerous subversive?



  2. Not sure if you saw it when it was on a while ago over there I imagine Pants, but I found his rant against the press interesting. That it focused on him being gay and scandals is nothing any star is not on the receiving end of. (No star for sentence construction there, I know) Press hounding stars is what happens, from whatever angle they can.

  3. Gaydar not working? Take a closer look at the Scissor Sisters.

  4. Clearly inferior to yours Jahteh.

  5. :( I would have come you know, if only we hadn;t spent the glorious Sunday weather out at Hurstbrigde. Hope you enjoy yourself. I am having a shandy right now :)

  6. I think she's a hoot, but unfortunately I missed the interview. I'm so joyful that The Chaser is coming back - with Big Love leaving my screen, I feel bereft.

  7. OMG as Pants says. I just found this. 'Scissor Sisters (whose name is slang for a lesbian sex act)' I had to think about this for a bit. I think I understand.

  8. Sounds like it was good Cazzie.

    I don't know Big Love Rosanna and I shan't ask R in case he likes it I have to watch it.

  9. LOVE both Stephen Fry and Joan Rivers.
    and BAD is a Virgo! Happy Birthday to her - and if I wasn't geographically impossible right now, I would be hoving into view over the rim of your glass at the Balaclava.

    I hope you are all having a wonderful time.
    mwah mwah.

  10. BAD always enters and announces she is only here to kiss the boys, and does so. And she is a Virgo. We did have a good time.