Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Coles and foreign types

Our nearest Coles supermarket closed some time ago, the store in South Melbourne. I like the old Coles on its land with other shops and an open car park. Well, I liked the open car park and shops, but I hated the old Coles. It was cramped, congested and a horrid place to shop in. We avoided it.

The new is one very nice and spacious. I think it might have only opened today. We went to the area for a Pizza Hut pizza. Even though we have a pizza place across the road that serves us the grandest pizzas, we had a hunger for a Pizza Hut pizza, and it was good.

R gave me a nudge as we entered said supermarket, see who the staff are? Yes, all Indian and Sri Lankan students. How would Melbourne survive without all these foreign students? Or are they stealing jobs from us poor local folk?

The staff were pretty well all dark skinned but we Aussies are used to interacting with people from India and Sri Lanka, South East Asia and China. There are now a lot of them actually born here, so they are our equals.

How would we go interacting with black Americans? They seem to fall to service jobs in the US.

We have many ex pat US people here in Australia, but they don't stand out too much. But the black US citizens do, and there are a few of them around in Oz. I think they are all basketball players.

I suppose there are area in the US where people never really come across black people or Latins.

Perhaps country Ohio is a bit deficient in blacks and Latins?


  1. Wikipedia confirms that you are correct in thinking my area of Ohio is deficient. Larger cities like the capitol (Columbus) and Cleveland are not quite as deficient.

    Having said that, while growing up my family was quite close with one of the larger black families, and we spent lots of happy times together. Vincent, one of the sons, works as a loan officer at a bank, and one of the daughters Audrey sings the National Anthem at the local Independence Day celebration every year.

  2. Andrew... Well Well Well... I work for the company In Management and know the store only too well....All i can say is im not gunna go there and just let on ONE thing u wont see the same face for more than 12 months... That store and that store only hire team members that are out here working on a working visa... I SAY NOMORE...Oh they have been opened for a week hehehehh

  3. Coles sucks. Give me Woolies, or I think you call it Safeway, anyday :P

  4. I am kinda envious Daisy and I guess many of their antecedents would have been in America almost as long as the Mayflower types.

    Robyn, and I thought you worked in a caring sort of job. You may be interested. We like Coles Malvern and Prahran, friendly staff generally. But hate Balaclava and Elsternwick, staff are horrid, but I think that may be the kind of customers they generally have.

    We are undergoing a brand change Steph. We will soon be Woolies too. I don't find either so different, but depends on which store.

  5. Coles can go get fucked. That's all I really have to say.