Saturday, August 18, 2007


Maples was a a furniture store retailer, the name shamelessly stolen from the UK Maples. They were masters of advertising and promotion, all done in house. No advertising company for them. They were also masters of hire purchase, in days before Bankcard, Visa and Mastercard. Here is a snip of what I posted in Walking Melbourne and my original post.

Answering my own question. Reference; Maple Tree: The Story of Maples Furniture. Author: Elana M. Steinberg

The book is a very interesting read, although I only skimmed through it at the State Library. Maples associated people started both Lanes Motors and Bristol Paints.

There was a brief reference to the South Yarra warehouse, and that is exactly what it was. No dates were given and it was owned by another company before it was taken over by Maples. It was closed in the late seventies? and developed into apartments.

The local Millswyn Street residents hated having an operating warehouse in their midst, with vans coming and going and were very happy to see it close down.

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