Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jamie Oliver made me gag

Sort of silly double entendre that you would see from some immature blogger isn't it. No pointing please. Well I suppose I would gag for him just once, just out of curiosity and the bragging rights of course.

But what do you think when you read 'Jamie Oliver made them gag?' If you did not think as I thought, perhaps you thought he had his fingers down someone's throat or he did something so repulsive that he made them throw up?

None of the above. It was gagging them to stop them speaking.

It is a headline to attract attention and it worked in my case. But is that really what we expect of our largest selling newspaper, The Herald Sun? You can certainly expect that sort of nonsense from me, but in an important daily newspaper?

Herald Sun, the newspaper you may flick through if you find a free copy.


  1. Oh I don't know, I love the double entendre. (I'm not that much of a grown up.) I took it the same way you did when I saw the title in my feedreader.

  2. I like double entendre too Daisy Jo, but I am trying to be pompous and outraged.

  3. Like Dick (double entendre fully intended) Emery used to say when he wearing his Mandy hat, "Oooh you are awful, but I like you"

    Jamie Oliver ragging rights? Please tell us Shirley that you're not that cheap a tart. Sir Larry Olivier gagging - now that's a ridgy didge, carve it on my tombstone bragging right!

  4. I can only remember Larry as an old man. Shirley is a tart and that is why she has not been let out for years.