Sunday, August 12, 2007

The end of the internet

At a suggestion from Google, I now use.....not sure what it is called. I click the next button on my toolbar and it takes me the next unread blog post on my google reader. It is not really any better than my google reader that shows all new posts, but I have quickly become used to it.

When none of you bludgers have written anything, this below is what I see. If I click the link, it takes me onto the screen at the bottom.

I worry about the dominance of Google, but gee, they are lot friendlier than Microsoft with their 'You have made an illegal operation' message.

Google Reader
Congratulations, you've reached the End of the Internet .


The End of the Internet

Congratulations! This is the last page.

Thank you for visiting the End of the Internet. There are no more links.

You must now turn off your computer and go do something productive.

Go read a book, for pete's sake.


  1. But reading books are so overrated :P After all, you can also read online -- it's just that it would be tough to dog-ear the part where you left off ;)

  2. Wow, it IS a dominance thing isn't it? Google everywhere.... wonders if they are now owners of Coles or Safeway too..thye seem to be cornering alot of market out there...feul stations etc etc Hmmm.

  3. Hi Andrew

    Well you WOULD go there now wouldn't you?



  4. When my telstra money pit was down (the net, not the shares this time), I got so much done. Flat was clean, I was going out, having all sorts of fun and misadventure. Perhaps we should start a movement like that day in the year where you don't buy anything. Have a day or maybe a week where the net takes a break...except for porn.

  5. I can't read for long on the screen Princess. Certainly not more than a couple of pages of text. Lucky I pay for my own paper and ink, otherwise, I would print a lot of things out.

    Lol Cazzie. Who knows?

    A person of extremes is me Pants.

    Yes Rob, read your list of achievements. I could live without the net, but it would be a drastic lifestyle change and I don't want to. I sweat when it stops working for half an hour.

  6. nooooo I cant read books I want another link plzzzzz plz plzzz!


  7. Is this something else I have to work out to put on the blog? I can't handle the stress.

  8. Quick!!! someone give Keshi a link.

    The end of the internet???? too scary to even think about.

  9. Jo, I am sure Keshi knows full well there is always another link to be investigated.

    Well Jahteh, you have never showed us your modelling pics from when you were twenty.

  10. Andrew, I couldn't do that, they might turn you straight.

  11. re Guugle -

    angry penguin is an Aussie political journalist in the USA and has posted just now on her visit to Guugle HQ and the VICIOUS security there.

    and 'reading online'?
    I happily read The Way Of The Pear by ThatsSoPants
    it was hysterically funny.

  12. best piece of advice you ever find on the internet