Friday, August 31, 2007

An elephant stamp for the building

One hates to brag, but I will anyway. I do like our building to be described as plush. It has also been described as 'exclusive'. Hardly, as they wouldn't let the likes of me in if it was. From The Age (tv/radio) Green Guide.

Andy Lee, who hosts Fox's top-rating drive show with Hamish Blake, reckons he moved into the plush apartment block last year hoping some of Hinch's broadcasting success would rub off.


  1. Maybe I should move in and lower the tone (and property values) of the whole place? :P

  2. Could overlook that Steph if you have hot guys hanging around.

  3. lol Steph!


  4. Better the success rub off on you rather than his downfalls..that's for sure.

  5. " hoping some of Hinch's broadcasting success would rub off"

    Seems like your pied a terre is not only exclusive and plush ... but now staking a claim as the frottage capital of Victoria.

  6. Good point Cazzie.

    Strictly missionary in this plush monstrosity M'lord. No frottaging here. Although there was an old post when I wrote about about And certain resident and my Sydney friend.