Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Division of Labour

Our kitchen sparkles, sometimes, but mostly it doesn't. Of course you are not going to see a photo of it when it is filthy. I would call it a high maintenance kitchen. We cook, ok R cooks most nights and I clean up afterwards. Sometimes I am tired, very tired and all I can do is a quick wipe over and get the dishes in the machine. I also calculate what we are doing the next night for a meal. If I clean it properly tonight, and it will stay that way for two days I might go that extra less than three metres but more than eight feet.

Early in our relationship we used to have disagreements about housework and who does what and how they do it. We slipped into a situation of defined tasks. R does some, I do others. It has probably fallen to what each of us does best.

Keep in mind that I work shift work and R does not and he is home by 4pm and does not work Saturday or Sunday.

Clean up after cooking, although if he hasn't worked and I have, he will often do it
My shower
Bill paying, although R deals with home mortgage and Hotham St flat.
Balcony/range hood/oven/dishwasher/barbecue/washing machine/aircon/mirror cleaning
Extras like light fitting, blinds etc

Hard floors and kitchen once over

Ironing. Do own ironing
Beds. Make, change, wash and dry own
Shopping. R on Saturday and if I am free, I assist. I often do small shopping during week.

While my list may be a bit longer, some are things I do that only get done once every three or six months, or less.

I have mentioned before about accusing each other of being a 'dirty housewife' when something such as a fridge is pulled out of its position and the floor underneath is exposed. I don't care about what is not seen.

Of course if I make a mess, I am the worst in the world. If R makes a mess, "It is a home, not a showplace".

Not perfect, but generally it works pretty well for both of us.


  1. I think the last line is the most important part of all. So long as it works and you aren't throwing stuff at each other (or in the case of a mutual blogger, leave pasta to decompose), it's all good.

  2. Quentin Crisp said
    "after the first half-inch, the dust never gets any worse"
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  3. I don't like to disturb the dust, it has the history of ages in its molecules.

  4. There is no division of labor at my house; I do it all, even when bf is here for a several day stretch. Could explain part of why I'm hesitant to take the next relationship step?