Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Defective Car

My car is defective. Possibly in many ways but there is one that annoys me. My car clock is slow. Just one minute, but my job is very minute focused, so I need to be minute focused. It may very well graduate to being two minutes slow in time, so it needs correction.

I am sure that it was absolutely correct at daylight saving end time, but it has lost a minute.

The push buttons are clearly labelled. But I cannot see them in the dark, which oddly is the only time I notice that the clock is wrong.

My working life revolves around time to the minute. My car clock should be correct.

I noticed it was wrong about two months ago. Here is why is still wrong.

I need glasses on to see the buttons and what they do. I don't need glasses for driving.

The buttons are tiny. Even with glasses on, you cannot do it at night.

I have a clumsy thumb. While kiddies are over developing their thumbs with all their texting, I only text with fingers. I cannot adjust the clock with my thumb. I need to see it clearly and press the correct button with my finger. The buttons are seriously small and next to the time adjustment button is the reset button. I have learned reset is the wrong button to push.

It is winter, dark in the morning, dark in the evening, which are the times when I drive.

(I wrote this nonsense five days ago, and you can blame Daisy Jo as I thought I had an inspiration from her post, but instead I wrote a load of tripe. Although it was mega dark a week ago, it now feels like summer and very light. I am going to work in the light and returning home in the light. I can adjust the clock easily now, except I haven't. I need to check that my phone clock is dead accurate first, and then adjust the clock to that. I am not in a mood for posting anything decent, so this is what you get)


  1. my bedroom clock is 10 minutes fast. I don't think straight when I first wake up and forget that it's 10 minutes fast and it makes me get up

  2. Just like's summer? The season change takes forever here.

    Maybe your car battery is wearing out.

  3. Hey Andrew, there's this great new thing that tells you what the current time is. It's called a WATCH! lmao

    If you need to put on glasses to adjust the car clock then isn't that what partners are for. :)

  4. A tactic widely used Jo. R does that.

    Not really that fast Daisy, perhaps I am exaggerating a bit but the weather became warm so suddenly. Don't worry, it will be back to cold in the near future.

    I don't wear a watch Denys. I am allergic to cheap metal. His eyes are worse than mine.