Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dangerous town. Better to sardine with Connex Part 1 of a 3 part series on a public transport rant

I came across a car accident Monday, another Tuesday, yes Wednesday too, four cars involved. Today was extra good, I came across one accident and witnessed another. This is one dangerous city I live in. Note, it is a full moon. You are better to catch public transport, if feasible.

But our peak trains are becoming increasingly crowded, to the point where people are being left behind. Our trams are becoming increasingly crowded at various times during the day, at various points. Where not to catch a tram: Melbourne University to the City around 4.00pm. St Kilda Road to the City around 5.30pm. Federation Square to St Kilda Road around 8.00am. Anywhere near a posh private school at school start/finish times.

There may well be a mega plan to relieve trams of overcrowding, that may possibly be built in five years, by way of a new underground railway. Everyone is talking, no one is doing. I am still waiting for half a kilometre of tram track in Park St, South Melbourne to be built so that we have ready public transport access to South Melbourne.

But you have to hand it to our train operator Connex. They have acted quickly in response too overcrowding. More trains? More frequent services? Faster services? No, not any of those. We have some wanker out here from the US telling us how to be polite and considerate on trains when they are so packed that no more can fit on, and so far as I can see, Connex has sponsored his visit and of course he has visited for self serving purposes, that is to sell his book, "There is no 'I' in Carriage". Wrong, it is all about me and my comfort and travel experience.

So, overcrowding problems on Melbourne's trains are all the fault of the commuters who can't be polite to each other.

Of course I know full well that the fault really lies with our State and Federal governments. The present State government got off to a bad start with the public transport system in a mess, but I cannot say that they have made much of an improvement.


  1. Anonymous12:24 am

    You're absolutely right re the Park St gap. I'd also like to see a tram extension linking Toorak Rd from Glenferrie Rd to Camberwell Rd (Hartwell). The hill up to Tooronga Rd may prove a problem tho.


  2. I hate Connex with a huge passion. I can't believe they are getting some idiot out to promote a book about carriage ettiquette when all we need is BETTER, ON-TIME services.

    And as I catch the train twice a day during peak hour, I hardly think my claims are unfounded.

    Good on you for writing to your local member. I am going to do exactly the same thing to the Minister of Transport.

  3. An author I believe Daniel. Merton I think. Details are on Connex website.

    There are so many minor extensions that could be made Walker. I selfishly think of one that can benefit me. Many years ago a friend who was sitting for his driving license had to make a hand brake start on the Toorak Road hill at Tooronga Road. He was terrified.

    Thought you would like this post Rosanna.

  4. Each day convinces me more and more that there is a massive conspiracy to keep public transport shithouse. Surely, with all these well-paid, overseas experienced nobodies that we have crowding the ivory towers, we could get something half-decent actually up and running? It simply has to be a conspiracy - there's no other logic to it.

  5. Martin Merton? He's made up, he's not real.

  6. Rob, there seems to be an awful lot people in ivory towers at the moment. Some may be a little concerned about their futures.

    Ok Daniel. I came down in the last shower and it is not even April 1st. I missed 'this is a joke' on the radio and on the Connex website.