Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dame Mary

Dames should be a little or a lot imperious. I love this word imperious. Dame Edith Sitwell was known to be imperious. I reckon Lady Bracknell was imperious when she boomed out, 'a railway station'. Dame Joan Sutherland sounded more than imperious when she said that she could not quite adjust to being served by a black person in her local post office.

I came across my own imperious person last week when I was in the supermarket, a woman in her late sixties, very Toorak type, beautifully coiffed, beautifully tailored, beautifully spoken and buying bunch of cheap supermarket flowers. Here is what I heard.

Her: They will leak on the floor of my car.
Staff: They are in a plastic bag.
Her: Can you wrap some nice paper around them.
Staff: We don't have paper to wrap the flowers.
Her: 'Rolls eyes and moans'
Staff: You can buy some paper and I will wrap them up for you.
Her: Where is it?
Staff: Over there.
Her walks over to paper. Her returns to counter.
Her: It is not very nice paper. I will take them home.
Staff: Thank you.
Her: Are you going to give me a receipt?
Staff: I gave you the receipt Madam.
Her: Argghhh.
Her: I need another plastic bag. This one is not big enough.

How this nasty woman survived to her late sixties and ended up being a rich bitch, I cannot understand. Abuse of check out staff is a no no in my mind. They get lousy pay and have to put with crap from people like her, unless they are rude to me of course.

Dame Mary is not Dame M. I may well write a scathing post about Dame M tomorrow as I feeling a bit peeded orf with her. Dame M is somewhat inclined to be imperious at times.

But I am talking about the venerable Dame Mary Kostakidis. (I will spell check this once, henceforth referred to as Dame Mary K or Dame Mary.

I had a mind to blog rant about SBS when I heard that she went on extended sick leave, but then I saw some words in a letter to the newspaper, 'it is not about the person reading the news, it is about the news'. In an ideal world, perhaps that statement is correct. It did slow me down.

Dame Mary has read the SBS news for nigh on twenty years. She reads the news perfectly and none of our ABC tv Hendo serious face for child killers, nicer face for a lighter story. Dame Mary just reads the news, as it is. She does have rather nice legs too, not that I notice women's legs.

If R was ever away from home at 6.30 pm, I used to indulge myself in watching SBS news. He was away not so long ago, swanning around on a cruise liner in our warmer northern seas. Work, yeah right. I tuned into SBS news while he was away and along with Dame Mary was a guy who when he was on commercial tv here many years ago, we called Grand Stunt. His name is Stan Grant. He has no credibility in my mind as a reader of SBS news. Worse, the news was broken up with advertising. I have let my views know already I think to my blog readers about this. I certainly did to SBS.

Dame Mary has now gone on extended leave and hired a top shot Queens Counsellor . Perhaps she will sue SBS for breach of contract. To pull everything together, I think she is probably somewhat imperious. People can be imperious in good ways and bad. I think she is perhaps the former.

This is a terrible thing for SBS. Even their spin doctors cannot put it right. Dame Mary bolted over a matter of principle. When someone does something as a matter of principle, depending on the situation of course, you have to sit up and take notice.

And question how your taxes are being spent. Are they being spent well at SBS? From what I have seen, sometimes yes, but the base programs, perhaps not. SBS news is the core of the station. The rest is good or bad puffery. Without a respected news service, SBS is worthless of our money.

God help us if Lee Lin Chin is appointed as weekday news reader. I can only cope with her ever changing hair on weekends.

Imperious or not, I will follow Dame Mary's future, unless she ends up at channel 9/7/10. Then I will dis her in my mind, as I did with George Donikian.

I'll just pop this link in if you are not sure about who I am talking about.


  1. Hang on a sec. When did you get to see her legs, she sits (sat) behind a desk doesnt she?

    That's why I like Sandra Sully on the Stool.

    Speaking of Stan Grant, what ever happened to Tracy Holmes?

  2. Ben, I clearly recall seeing her sitting on a chair and crossing her legs. Was she in some televised public forum, or an interview show?

    I don't care to know about Sandra Sully's stool.

    I hear the name Tracy Holmes, so I guess she is still around.

  3. I want Mary back and Stan out. Since day one (I read) that he has been cold toward Mary and it shows on-screen.

    Tracy and Stan are married with children.

  4. "That's why I like Sandra Sully on the Stool."

    Sandra Sully is a stool! THAT voice! Someone please garrotte that madly glottal stopped woman!

    "I hear the name Tracy Holmes, so I guess she is still around."

    Something that can't be said about her "big" brother John Holmes.

  5. Ah, you know celeb gossip too Firehorse. Mary won't be back. Her position is untenable now.

    I have only seen Tracy's late brother on a grainy video tape M'lord. He did have an impressive 'character' to a young gay man. But in these days of the net, I see that your Afro American does it bigger and better and harder.

  6. Lee Lin Chin will be next ... or, she will suddenly start wearing clothes by carla zampatti .... because it was carla from her SBS Board member chair, who stuck the knife in Dear Mary K's back.

  7. Yeah Ann. What is that old has been Zampatti doing on SBS board. Another Howard appointee? Remember that dreadful little car that she put her stamp on?