Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dame M Unwell

It was the Brighton Antique Dealer's birthday earlier this week. Dame M arranged for us to go to the Balaclava Hotel to celebrate. Our ex NT pollie/policeman friend is o/s, so out of courtesy we asked his Fijian Indian boyfriend and his boyfriend. From an email from the overseas ex NT pollie/policeman, we heard that he we probably come.

We met the brother friends as soon as we arrived at the hotel. Shortly after BAD and her toyboy arrived. BAD said that a few other people she had asked might turn up.

They didn't, nor did the Fijian Indian boyfriend and his boyfriend, then Dame M's boarder rang to say that Dame M was unwell and they would not be coming.

Six of us on a table for twelve plus looked a bit lonely. Still, we had fun and a good laugh. The fish was shocking and should have been sent back. The roast lamb was ok.

Everyone felt a bit annoyed at Dame M. The only reason we go to the Balaclava Hotel is because she likes it. If it was a one off, ok, but she has done it quite a few times now. I know why. Her mind gets fuddled because she has been drinking. She needs a clear head and a long time to make sure she has everything she needs to go out. She cannot see properly anymore at all. She has macular degeneration and it is becoming worse. She is losing confidence in her ability to function when she goes out, especially at night.

I emailed our dyke friend, she and her girlfriend had another engagement that night, and she ever so sensibly suggested in future, we go to eat where we like, but first meet up at Dame M's for a drink first.

While there a serious danger of us not leaving Dame M's and going for dinner and end up ordering take away Chinese or a pizza, it is quite a good idea really. Well or not, Dame M is good company and a great conversationalist.

I still feel a little annoyed, but I know I must adjust my mind set to Dame M's circumstances. At nigh on 83, she ain't a youngun.


  1. I'd rather have dull food and pleasant company than pleasant food and dull company. Your dyke friend is smart to have thought of it.

  2. Oh, the poor dear. Being 83 must be hard work. I think it's good of you to realise that she has other issues also, Andrew.

  3. I simply detest unpleasant company. Nah I wont and cant stand that.