Thursday, August 02, 2007

Confession #71

Well, Steph almost killed her brother and Rosanna nearly burnt her house down so I will 'fess up to a minor one.

We met a chappie and his boyfriend through a friend. The boyfriend was Indian born as was our friend. We saw them a few times, always in the company of our friend. Our friend referred to the boyfriend as Bomba in his absence. I understand this is perhaps a racist term for someone of dark skin. I did not know this at the time and assumed it was his name.

So when we saw the chappie in the street one day, him not with his boyfriend and us not with our friend, I innocently asked, 'So, how is Bomba?'

'Who', the chappie asked? 'Your boyfriend, Bomba', I said feeling that somehow this is going way wrong.

'His name is Kevin', and I could see on face that he was displeased.

Oddly, we have never seen the chappie and Kevin since.

Haven't seen our friend either, because I murdered him.


  1. Wow, that is deep...and gettig the4 name wrong was none of your fault at all. It reminds me of that flick "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"..where the brother wand cousin keep telling the fiance to say certain things in Greek and it turns out he's saying something like sheeps balls or something like that...very bad.

  2. Teh murderous gay!

    I can see it you now, strangling him with your best red dress.

    Sedg is going to run with this.

  3. Take the 'it' out. Bloody sherry.

  4. Seen it Cassie, but don't remember that bit, but yes, similar.

    Yes, laugh at my embarrassment Keshi.

    Was I wearing the red one in that pic Jahteh? I thought it was the green one. I had three the same, but in different colours. Sedg is ignoring me at the moment, but he will be back. And flagon McWilliams Cream does that to you at times.

  5. "Sedg is going to run with this."

    Forget run. think gallop.

    BTW, Shirl haven't been ignoring you in particular. have had a fair few things on the plate of late. None of it particularly palatable, but most of it is over.

  6. Hi Andrew

    I find I often have to kill people to avoid future embarrassment. Needs must.



  7. Shirl??? lol, love it.

  8. Pleased to hear your distractions have passed M'lord.

    What a sensible person you have turned out to be Pants.

    Long ongoing joke Jo. I will explain it at some point.