Wednesday, August 01, 2007


A couple of years ago we were at the township of Adelaide River in the Northern Territory of Australia. It had been an early start and we were there for breakfast and we then went onto the war cemetery where many who died during the Japanese bombing of northern Australia are buried. It is very beautiful.

What are these black fellah lads doing hanging around. I was a little nervous sitting near them initially, but then I overheard their ever so normal conversation and I then wondered what they were doing gathered there so early in the morning.

A van then arrived and carted them off to what I now guess to be CDEP jobs.

These jobs are totally manufactured for the purpose of giving some meaning and and interest and a paid job to black fellahs and fellahesses.

The CDEP job scheme has been around for many years but it is now to be removed and the black fellahs will go onto work for the dole (unemployment benefits) and job training schemes. Well, there really aren't a lot of job in these areas, in fact very few. The Federal government is doing this so that if the black fellahs don't look after their children properly, they can take away some of their money and substitute it for food vouchers or similar.

The lads I saw did not look hungover. They did not look like wife beaters or child abusers. Their job has now disappeared I suppose and they will be on the dole.

Is this really such a good idea?

Best dash. There is an ant in my bathroom, so I am getting it fumigated.


  1. Fellahesses...I like it... sad they made up the jobs for the sake of making them up hey?

  2. Trust Sedgwick to get it wrong. I told him to put the camera on a seagull, not the ant.

  3. Normally I would be against made up jobs Cazzie, but they were useful jobs and it gave many a sense of worth I reckon. I doubt it costs much more when you consider they would be paying tax.