Friday, August 31, 2007


Sorry bout that. Hope I didn't spay you with my flu germs. Horses are spraying each other with their germs left right and centre all over Australia. They give each other the flu, influenza, just like you, you a**hole, gave it me earlier this year, and probably like many of you have suffered recently this winter. Part of life, unpleasant, but what can we do?

For goodness sake, this quarantining here in Australia is not doing any good in preventing the spread of the disease. Let it go. Let the flu run free among horses, like it has with us humans. It is too late already. We humans weren't quarantined. We had to take our chances and just get on with it. Good for the for the gander, good for the horse.

Australia has strict quarantine controls, probably the most strict in the world, so how did this horse disease arrive here? Are shortcuts happening to appease horsey types or big money?

What if it gets into the population of wild horses? I might stick around for ever.


  1. Go on Andrew, you can say the word. Talk dirty and see how you feel. :) Should it not be a***hole for arse.

    BTW, what does R do while you are busy churning out posts.

  2. R is cooking, cleaning and washing while I write, just like he should be. Really, watching tv as I half was (was that a snore I just heard?). But these two were already mostly written when he wasn't here. I am home a lot on my own during the day.

  3. It is really frightening this horse flu. Even at the wERRIBEE oPEN rANGE zOO They have quarantened the doinkeys and the Chinse horses jst in case...bizarre, as you DID it get here?

  4. I can hear R laughing from hear.

    You have said that your "job is very minute focused" but at what time of the day. I am about to be presumptuous here. Is it before or after you watch Oprah reclined on the lounge whilst eating cookies, brushing the crumbs off your chest onto the floor for R to vacuum later.

    I am amusing myself as I've really just described me. :)

  5. I don't watch daytime tv at all Denys and I am not much of a recliner on the couch. I am guilty of spending hours in front of this computer machine though.