Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wired Bus

After a fine and ever so cheap meal at The Pub at the Casino Crown Entertainment Complex, we caught a bus home. Walking one way is quite enough.

The bus had these odd looking electrical junction boxes fitted near the doors. They were of the type where an electrical wire is blanked off. It took a minute to work out that they must to be with out new public transport ticketing system, MyKi or whatever it is.

I tried a week or so ago to have a look at the new ticket system at Southern Cross Station, but there was some filming happening in the information centre, so I was not welcome.

I don't have much confidence in the new system, however, I will hold my judgement until it is in action. It very well may mean that R saves a lot of money if he only has to pay for the two sections he travels from Prahran to home or City to home and does not have to pay for a two hour ticket for a single ten minute journey. He usually walks one way and catches public transport home.

While you can ride around for three hours on a two hour ticket if you time it correctly, it is outrageous that he has to pay over three dollars for a ten minute trip. Worse if he times it badly and two ten minute trips cost him over six dollars. I actively encourage him to evade in these situations but he is too honest and instead just fumes at the public transport ticket system.


  1. R won't save any money. It's the tickets and the machines that are changing, not the fare system.

  2. Is "too honest" just an Australian phrase for saying "too naïve" or "too gullible?" Because I, too, am "guilty as charged." Perhaps, I should reconsider my career in standup comedy. Everyone will just pull one over on me. Nice coming across your blog. Clearly, I have a lot of catching up to do!

  3. I never pay for my trip to camberwell. And I now fully expect about a thousand inspectors to arrive on my tram tomorrow morning.

    I do, however, buy a weekly ticket for uni - so if I happen to go to Camberwell on a weekly, all is well.

    The Myki system will be wonderful. It is the same idea / principle as the Oyster in London, which tis brillig. The oyster caps at a certain amount so you save a heap of money if you travel alot every day, which I do. To and from melbourne uni / to the city between classes etc. Very handy.

    But it will mean the end to R and myself cheating the system (sigh)

  4. Can't comment on the MyKi stuff, I don't know enough about it all..other half would no more I dare say.

    What was Crown like? I haven't been there in ages and ages. Just was a place to park the car and walk through the casino to the banks of the Yarra. We used to go to Cerrano's..I think it was called...now I believe it is gone.

  5. I havent been to any of these places..Im soooo Aus-starved.


  6. It would be easy to do though Daniel and as you need to scan on and scan off, it would no longer left to the passengers interpretation of a short trip.

    Rosanna and Lucy, generally I think most people are happy to pay their fare if it is fair and the service is ok. When they get annoyed about service and/or price and paying is semi optional, I don't blame them for evading. Will get to having a good of your blog Lucy.

    I remember Cerrano's Cazzie. I don't like the Casino and only go under sufferance but we had an errand nearby. The people always look so depressed and all the lights and noise gives me a headache.

  7. You made a good start with your recent trip Keshi.

  8. Ah, but remember the Short Trip doesn't exist any more, at least not outside the City Saver area (eg no further south than Domain Interchange). If the machines are working properly (which sometimes they don't) you can't buy it outside the area.

  9. From what the other half has told me there will be a lot of scope with ticket types down the track when it's all running right.
    So I suppose come next year when it all goes live the customer service hat wont be coming off for a good 3 months showing the punters how to use myki.

  10. Daniel and Cazzie. Quickly by confirmed by MyKi via email today. No change to the ticket system.