Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Travelling North Trivia-Time Gents

Mass confusion reigned in the car when we arrived in Broken Hill. Our phones had moved back half and hour. Why? I had forgotten, as it was a long time ago that I heard, that Broken Hill runs on Adelaide time. Central time rather than Eastern Standard time that applies to the rest of NSW and all of Victoria.

Bloody cheek of the phones though. They might have asked us first.

Commercial tv operates on Adelaide time, except for ABC which still comes through on EST. Very inconvenient for habit formers like us. ABC tv news seemed to be a national bulletin, but did give NSW weather and was read by a Sydney presenter.

ABC Local Radio is on Adelaide time too. In fact it comes from Adelaide. Broken Hill has a local weekday morning program though from the Broken Hill studios. At some point all this time and media and location confusion started to do my head in and I just gave up trying to work it all out.

When returning to Mildura, R's phone auto corrected back to EST as we left Broken Hill. Mine waited until we picked up a signal near Wentworth and then this time it wanted confirmation of the new time setting.

I wonder how long Broken Hill has operated on Central Time?

Later Addition: When in the country, you have to become acquainted with Prime and Win. One takes Channel 7 programs and the other Channel 9, mostly, and with some local news and weather and the of course the sheep drench ads. There seemed to be no Channel 10 in Mildura. No Big Brother? What a shame!

In Broken Hill, (memory is a bit hazy on this) we had Southern Cross Broadcasting which seemed to carry Win programs, channel 9, channel 10 I think and ABC. Then there was also Imparja, which has an Indigenous community focus. Confused? I sure am.

Best local radio broadcaster we heard on our travels was Louise Ray of ABC Swan Hill/Mildura


  1. Amazing to see where drop out zones are when travelling about the state regarding mobile phones.
    I met a guy who does this sort of thing as a job, finding the zones where drop outs occur and tendering sites for towers. He was interesting to talk to. What a job though!

  2. Nice job Cazzie. I'll do it.