Thursday, July 12, 2007

Travelling North Trivia - Food

After being able to make our own cereal and toast in Mildura, it was not so in Broken Hill. The first morning we went to McDonalds and a bacon and egg roll. It was ok. The next morning we had overpriced scrambled eggs and toast and coffee at a cafe. I am sick of this. I want cereal and toast, I complained. You know McDonalds have cereal and toast, said R. What????? Cereal and toast? So for the last two mornings we had cereal and toast at Maccas and it was very good.

I was quickly sick of main meals from the clubs. Second last night we had fish and chips in our room and the last night, pizza in our room.

Back in Mildura, R once again cooked and it was bliss to be home the next night when he made satay chicken.

You know in Broken Hill, there just did not seem to be any restaurants like we are used to in Melbourne. Nor really in Mildura. Guess we Melbournians are quite spoilt for places to eat well and cheaply. But they are small places. There was a Chinese takeaway in Broken Hill that we may have tried if we stayed another night. I was getting a hunger for Asian food after not having any for a week or so, hence my request for satay chicken when we returned home.

As for coffee, bah. Don't leave Melbourne if you like a decent cup of coffee. Can you believe $3.60 for a watery latte served in some sort of tulip glass bucket with a handle?

Curry pie in Witchyproof (spell check later) on way home was ok, except the maker forgot the curry.


  1. after all my travels, i've concluded that in fact it isn't easy to get good coffee.

    no matter where you are

  2. Jessie B11:10 am

    I always found it strange that you guys have toast at McD's. We don't have that here. I should specify - strange, but good. Also, you can't get a latte at McD's here. Ah, Australia: the high life.

  3. Getting a good cup of coffee is like finding Mr.Right...I agree.

    btw Andrew I have a suggestion for ur next holiday read my blog :)


  4. We are spoilt Kiki.

    Hey Jessie. Nice to hear from you. Come back to Oz soon.

    Will do Keshi.