Monday, July 16, 2007

Travelling North Day 8 & 9

We left Broken Hill the next morning and by mid afternoon we were in Mildura where stayed at the same place as we did when going to BH. We returned home to Melbourne the following day.

Before we left Broken Hill, we took a look at railway museum. It is actually a train, mineral, hospital and immigration museum. It was very interesting but clearly run on absolute shoestring budget. It is located in the old Sulphide Street Station that served the Silverton Tramway. There is a website here on the Silverton Tramway which has the basic information.

Below is the Silver City Comet. It was the British Empire's first diesel powered and air conditioned train. It was built in 1937 and the train travelled between Parkes in NSW and Broken Hill. Can you imagine the luxury of an air con train over the hot plains to Broken Hill right back in the late 1930s? It was not retired until the late 1980s.

I think there were three trains in the museum but the Silver City Comet was my favourite.

This is the train kitchen. I have never seen inside one before.

The kitchen must have had some mods over the years.

I bet there are some Craven A butts in there, but as sterile as they may have been, I wasn't about to fish about to confirm.

An inbuilt hydraulic turntable. Very impressive.

A rail cycle. Not for going anywhere in a hurry.


  1. Jessie B6:17 am

    Cool train! Looks pretty good, even by today's standards.

  2. these r great pics Andrew!