Monday, July 16, 2007

Travelling North Day 7

We spent some time at the gallery of the late Pro Hart, the local artist and inventor. I knew about his art work, but I had no idea he was a famous inventor. We were told that he made his money from his inventions, not from his art. Owning four Rolls Royce would certainly cost, well I think one is Daimler. I liked some of his artwork very much. He was also a collector of all sorts of things too, some of which are displayed in the gallery. You can't go to Broken Hill without seeing the Pro Hart gallery.

In the afternoon we climbed to the highest point on the Barrier Ranges (not verified) to see the sculptures at the Living Desert Flora and Fauna Sanctuary.
They were interesting enough, made of granite chiselled by artists from around the work over a few weeks while they lived on sculpture site. The views from up top were fantastic. Unfortunately a cold wind was blowing. The two mountain peaks in the distance are called The Pinnacles.

Also atop the ranges is this trig point or survey marker. The actual point is in front of the marker.

Back to Broken Hill where we checked out a couple more galleries and then headed to the train museum but it closes at three and we missed it. We were leaving the next day but we had to make time to see it before we go. We were then at a bit of a loss for a couple of hours and ended up trying a couple of the old style pubs. They were dark and depressing and although no-smoking had just started in all bars, they still reeked of it. Chatted to an Aboriginal women and her daughter for a bit. She then had a nice win on the pokies.


  1. I think I would like to visit AU at some point. It seems like a lovely country except for the arid land. I would not be one for that.
    But to besurrounded by water, what a wonderful thing.

    As for this post, the photograaphs are lovely.

  2. I so love Pro Hart, I did meet him once, and he had his awesome decorated car there too.
    Great images there too Andrew :)

  3. Hope your cold is getting a bit better. Sounds like you and R had a good holiday and saw some great sites. Love the piccies

  4. Ugh -- I hate that no smoking in bars rule. How can one drink and not smoke!??!?! Haha! Sounds like you had one helluva day! Can I come next time? ;)

  5. Inside our hands, it is quite nice with nice scenery. The desert must be horrible in the summer.

    Ah, fame whore Cazzie!!!

    Almost a bit better Jo, R is down with it. How did he catch it too?

    Essentially I agree Princess. I am not an anti smoking person and the smell of a pub and cigarette smoke go well together.