Friday, July 13, 2007

Travelling North Day 6 Part A

In the morning we drove up the mullock heap that divides Broken Hill to Broken Earth Cafe Restaurant. We had a look at the Miner's memorial and then had a drink in the cafe. It was good to be out of the howling cold wind. Broken Earth is quite a classy place with very good staff. The view of Broken Hill is excellent and you can do it while being warm and out of the wind.

X marks the spot where we were staying.

We then went to the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery which was housed in a huge old two storey building. It had quite a good and varied collection but was obviously in need of some money to build the collection and display it a little better.

The previous day we had booked a City Sights tour for the afternoon. The one we chose would only run if there were at least four people and it would seem there wasn't. So, we chose another for around half the price and I doubt the other could have been better, except afternoon tea was supplied. The Tourist Information place made the booking for us and they were very pleasant to deal with although it did take ages. Pick up time was 1.30.

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  1. The gallery sounded great, I hope they do get funding enough to make it even more interesting. Maybe R can also contribute a piece? Just saying...ya know...he is good at it.