Sunday, July 08, 2007

Travelling North Day 3 Part A

We stayed for two nights in Mildura. The first morning we drove to the Tourist Information Kiosk. They did not really tell me anything I did not know already from guides and maps so we drove to King's Billabong about ten kilometres away.

We wanted to do the short work, 3.2 kilometres return, to a bird hide. None of anything was well signposted and the map did not match reality well. We eventually found the car park and set off on the walk. A very cold wind was blowing. We walked through open forest a bit inland and the trail returned along the edge of the billabong.

At the hide, due to the strong cold wind blowing, not a bird was to be seen. This was taken from inside.

This we came across on the way back to the car. It is one of a few disused pump houses used to pump irrigation water around . They used to be fuelled by firewood and it is a wonder there are any trees left.
I took this from the billabong embankment that gives access and holds the water back. Really, I would call it more a dam or lake. I am not sure how it gets its water but there is a dry floodway in the bush where you can see the water would arrive if the Murray River flooded. The water level on the other side of the embankment was a couple of metres lower.
It was a nice walk but I had hoped to see a critter or two. Zilch.


  1. What a shame you did not get to see any wildlife. The pump house is interesting to me, anything mechanical or scientific is great.
    There is an old bluestone place just out of Kyneton I always dreamed of owning. This image brought back the memory of that. Not that it is bluestone, the pumphouse..just that I got nostalgic is all.

  2. Cazzie, hope you noted the time that the pump works at Scienceworks. It is magic.