Sunday, July 08, 2007

Travelling North Day 3 Part B

After our decent walk we returned to the centre of Mildura and did some banking then strolled the Langtree Mall looking for Lilly (some will get it). We came across Hudaks Bakery (as pictured on their site) and had a fine old bit of nosh. Very nice.

We then went off to the local Arts Centre at the fine old Rio Vista house. We toured the grand house and the quite good art galleries.We then took a walk across the road to look down onto the river. I spied cars and activity so we found the road down to the river bank and Lock 11. I should read my own link but instead I will just guess that the weir with the lock is to keep the water at a stable height for practical reasons such as houseboats. The lock, so someone told us, had just filled before we arrived. Damn. They thought it was because a paddle steamer was coming, so we hung around for a bit, but none arrived.

Enough culcha, exercise and history and as there was a cold wind blowing, we went back to our billet, bought a roasted chicken, cooked some spuds and greens and settled in front of the tv. Tomorrow, Broken Hill bound.


  1. I just read the history on the bakery and it is amazing to think they had this awesome big refrigerator back in the day...and they could serve really cold drinks and fresh cream cakes too. All I know is that Mildura gets really hot weather in Summer time, so the bakery continued to be a success.
    Love the pictures you included. I look forward to going to Mildura.

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  3. wow Andrew u r going to beautiful places...lucky u!

    I've heard abt Mildura but never been there...

    Broken Hill...flew over it a couple of times :)


  4. I did not even read about the bakery until you mentioned it Cazzie. Thanks. I really should slow down my info intake.

    I was a bit surprised that Mildura is as nice as it is Keshi. But god it gets so hot there. Hot dry heat.