Friday, July 06, 2007

Travelling North Day 2

I am tired, so this is a short one and nothing much happened on our first day at Mildura. We arrived mid afternoon and checked in to our very comfortable two bedroom cabin. It could sleep seven if the couch was opened up into a bed. It had full cooking facilities and a dining table and adequate heating and cooling. I can highly recommend it at $90 per night. I think it was called Four Ways and it is on the corner of turn off road to Melbourne from the main street of Mildura.

On the opposite corner was a shopping centre, so we got in our supplies.

We et at The Working Men's Club. The meals were ok, except R's arrived much much later that mine and he was not impressed. He managed to cancel out the cost of the meal with a small pokey win.

Upon returning after dinner, I noted there was a cold wind blowing.

Here is our cabin. Ask for number eight as it has a large storage hot water system, rather than an instant one like all the rest.


  1. My olds have an investment property in Mildura but I've never been there. It sounds nice.

  2. Oooh looks really cozy! Seems like you had a good time, yes? :)

  3. Very neat and cute, we may have to renyt it out in October this year me thinks.

  4. You may find a real man there Steph, not your prissy pseudo gay Sydney type.

    Very good Princess.

    I did have you in mind as I was writing it Cazzie. Large double bed in one room and a bunk, two down and one up in the other bedroom.