Monday, July 30, 2007

Sleeping soundly

We visited the new niece yesterday. She is gorgeous as ever, but she sleeps.

The bone doctor girlfriend handed her to me. I recalled which way was up and that the head needs support. After five minutes of prodding, talking to her and stroking her, I handed her over to R. She slept on.

R nursed her for nearly two hours. The conversation was loud and full on. The little one slept on.

We took her outside. I pointed out a magpie to her. Still she slept on. A young buck made a screech with his car tyres. She slept on.

We introduced her to Mexican hat dance music, via a rattle. She slept on.

Ah, I proclaimed as we about to leave. I have not seen her eyes yet. The bone doctor prised one open but it closed straight away as she slept on.

I am now a bit cynical about my sister's tale of sleep deprivation and averaging four hours sleep a night.

Had we had a baby seat in the car, I think we may have kidnapped her.


  1. It sounds like she sleeps at the wrong time of the day! Hence the sleep deprivation.

  2. She does Ann. She is only a couple of weeks old and I expect she will adjust in time.

  3. Don't let her beauty and seemingly bomb proof sleep get one over you..yes, they can sleep through all that noise, but at night when all is quiet and mum's or mum and dad or dad's are both in bed...they awaken, they want the noise, they want the attention.
    I used to put Tom's bassinet next to the running clothes dryer, or the washing machine when he first came home, it gave me a rest from the endless feeds. Then I discovered Easy listening on the am radio...ahhh bliss between feeds.As I had more babies I soon learned that babies are elastic to mum's busy schedule.
    Oh, and when you want your tea, they will want it too, right at the point of when you are ready to sit and eat, LOL. But, I would not change it for the World :)
    Your niece sounds so delightful, and it sounds as if R enjoyed the cuddles :)

  4. did you check too see if she was breathing??


  5. Putting Tom next to the noisy machinery drowned out their crying Cazzie? lol

    They probably knocked her out to get some peace Jo, but she did move a couple of times.

  6. Andrew, you are so hilariously cynical "they probably knocked her out".

    I babysit the most divine little girl. She is just 6 weeks old now, and she hardly makes a noise. I just want to gobble her up and take her home.

    Although, once she cried and I thought perhaps she had been beaten by her brother or the like.

  7. Hehe, nah, he never really cried all that much, but the constant noise of the machinery kept him asleep. My nanna lived with us when he was a baby. She used to keep him entertained when he was a little older..say 8 months old onwards. He loved her so, and she him :)