Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sister News

My sister and her girlfriend had a baby girl a couple of hours ago. Seven pound 10. Mother and daughter well, in fact the easiest pregnancy and birth I have ever heard of. So I is an uncle once again. Will visit them in Geelong on Friday. Everyone except my step father was sure it would be a boy. Mum now owes step father $10.

Now what do I buy for them? Something small, gorgeous and cheap. They have far more money than we do, so can buy whatever they need.


  1. Congrats Uncle High Riser, lil girl babies are the best. Buy her a time capsule with stuff from today in it, like newspaper, magazines, that kinda stuff.

  2. How wonderful!! The best thing to get is a lovely soft soft towel with the babie's name on it. I have one here for each of my kids and they do last a very long time. A Dickie's Gold Label Towel is the best for this.
    Other than that, a nice pewter bear money box from a jewllery shop, which sets ya back about 30 dollars.

  3. Thanks Jo. I reckon that is a great idea and very much up my alley.

    That is what I was thinking Cazzie, something from jewellery shop. R has gone to bed in a huff because we didn't do a lot for other nieces and nephew, well we did bunny rugs or something. Because he hates my sister, he is going to make it difficult.

  4. Congratulations! I agree - I think a copy of today's paper and a pair of booties (or something equally as practical - perhaps a gorgeous blanket that she can keep? You could have her intials embroided on it or ironed on)

    Where I work, there are the most gorgeous baby shops - but too expensive I think. I brought my niece a music box with a dancing ballerina inside, and her name engraved on it.

    Anything with a name embroided / engraved - I think :)

    How exciting! Babies are so sweet.

  5. PS: A name, perhaps?

  6. It has been referred to as 'Now' for the last six months Rosanna. I don't know if Now has a proper name yet.

  7. Anonymous10:09 am

    Congratulations Andrew. From one who knows - the best gift you can give is frozen meals!

  8. You're a nuncle (again)! Maybe you should forgo the baby gift and buy R a new pair of panties since it sounds his are in a bunch.

    I'd go for a tiny little silver baby spoon. It would be something she could treasure when she's older.

  9. It is never easy if your loved one does not like another loved one...does that make sence? Anyhow, just to say that we all have this in our families.
    You do what you think it nice and right....the little pewter money boxes are gorgeous. I got a little fella a hellicopter one last year, and a little girl a lovely bear one.
    We also put the first few goldies in it to start them off in the right direction :)

  10. Thanks Tony. At least she only has single trouble and not double trouble as yourself.

    In a bunch for sure Daisy Jo. But seeing a new baby will cool him down. I like the teaspoon idea too.

    R doesn't really hate her Cazzie. She is unthinking and he is sensitive. Another gift into the mix. Thanks.

  11. Congrats uncle Andrew!

    **Mum now owes step father $10.

    LOL cute.

    **Now what do I buy for them?

    baby girl ha...o well get em a cot night light with music...they r cute n so very special.


  12. Awww, congrats Uncle Andrew. Baby neices are just divine. I adore mine and spoil her rotten, it is our duty!

  13. Good idea for down the track a bit Keshi.

    It is Steph, indeed it is.

  14. Congrats, another woman to rule the world. I would also go for the money box but I love the Bunnykins china one.

  15. Future PM perhaps Jahteh. This baby gift thing is a whole new world that I know nothing about.