Monday, July 16, 2007

See the Doc

My Doctor was busy today. Booked out. If I insisted I expect he would see me, but as I only wanted a sick certificate for work I was ok about seeing another. I did not like him.

My last visit to Dr was a prescription for extra blood pressure medication. Since I am here, I will ask this chap to check my BP. Good he said and told me the reading. You need to cut salt out of your diet. I have never added salt to any food and I don't add it to any food and nor does R.

You need to do more exercise. I do plenty of exercise except when I am dying from a cold.

Would you like some Ventolin to help your breathing? It might make you a bit jittery. Jittery or shaky is my name, but no, I don't want Ventolin. I don't have asthma.

His conclusion of the consultation had me confused. Am I being dismissed now? Is it finished?

Then the stupid queen at the desk pressed the credit button on the bank keypad machine rather that the savings button. I insisted it did not matter, but later I realised it did a bit.

I really need to see my own doctor in the future. There were good reasons why this chap had free time on hands.


  1. every doc says 'u need plent of exercise' blah blah blah. I dun go to the docs anymore.


  2. I have my mother's inherent trust of doctors. Experience has made me a little more sceptical. Trust is crucial in a doctor-patient relationship. Did you get the certificate?

  3. There's a reason they call it "practicing medicine" hopes that they'll get it right at some point.

    Feel better, my friend.

  4. I suppose I have been lucky Keshi. I have only ever had two doctors, the first died.

    I did indeed Lad, for the two days requested and as a long time patient, I doubt they would ever deny me.

    Much better already Daisy Jo. Amazing what a day off work can do for your health.