Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Scum

Ok, I am a practical person. I know politicians need to be re-elected to carry out their idealist objectives. Sadly very few get to do so. I don't write much about politics but I am an avid follower. Much better writers wax lyrical about politics, so I leave it to them.

This little piece is written because I would like one of our Tory politicians to read what I think, no matter if they don't. I have written it, so it is thus.

Kiki's views are clear and he put on a fine performance on the wireless.

The Australian government has detained an Indian born doctor and openly accused him of, and displayed him as a terrorist. He gave his SIM card to a relative who was involved in a UK terrorist attack. Bit tenuous hey. I have never given my SIM card to anyone, but I have received an unexpired one and used it, much to the confusion of some people who received a text or call from me.

There must be more behind this, otherwise, why would the government be going out all on this doctor, a person of a respectable profession. The government could be trying to distract us during the pre election campaign that seems to be happening.

But given the government's past performance on any matter like this, no matter how credible they sound, could anyone really believe what they say?

PM Howard has clearly demonstrated that he will tolerate lies and perhaps even supported lies himself.

Howard and his party cabinet wonder why the general public seem disinclined to vote for them again.

I am astonished that they have been re-elected at the last two elections. Once the refugees throwing their children overboard tale was discredited, could anyone believe them? Well, hip pocket nerve perhaps came into play. But I don't see any lesser affect of the hip pocket nerve now.

Perhaps, just perhaps, voters can only tolerate the lying, the duplicitousness, the constant downward pressure on the poorest people in our country, the cynical use of Aboriginal problems, the loading up of the richer people and taking away from basic workers for so long.

I get a bit annoyed, because this is what business oriented political parties are all about. How come some of you voters did not know this? Why did you vote for Howard and his party at any time. I give you no praise for turning against him now.

If you have a large business or are a rich person, Howard is your man. The rest of you who don't fit that bill and vote for him are screwed in the head.


  1. National Security is such a huge, huge issue. Feeling safe is paramount - and the Howard Government knows just how to play that card. The Tampa crisis almost fell in their lap, and the election became a campaign of 'national security'. Particularly post 9/11, I think Howard knows just what strings to pull.

    Anyway, just my point of view. And I don't own a large business, so I wont expose my vote just yet.

  2. Im not sure abt Dr.Haneef yet. Cos news isnt telling us exactly what his crime was apart from giving that SIM card to his cousin.

    Also Govts can hide/fake evidence just to prove that they r doing a good job on eradicating terrorism.

    Anyways who'd give his SIM card to another person, unless it's for some crook act?


  3. Glad I am not screwed in the would be sad for my patients now wouldn't it? Or, maybe I am, and that is why I get along so well with them all ??
    Great writing here Andrew, I agree with you.

  4. He usually knows what strings to pull Rosanna. Maybe this time he is wrong, or worse for us, he is right.

    Keshi, plenty of people do it when they leave a country so that a friend or rel can use up credits, or just temporarily use up their monthly call allowance.

    Thanks Cazzie.