Thursday, July 19, 2007

Revenge of the rats

Dame M discovered rats were eating some of her bulbs from pots in her garden. The boarder spread some rat baits around and they were very effective. There are now many dead rats under Dame M's house and when she turns the heating on, the smell of roasting decomposing rats fills her house.

She had two reverse cycle air conditioners running flat out unsuccessfully trying to heat her house. She gave in to the cold and turned the main heating on and then spread lit incense sticks and candles around her house to disguise the smell. She guesses it will be about three more days before the smell stops.

I have no plans to visit her any time soon.


  1. Rats EWWWWWWWW!


  2. Now that is why traps are definately better than bait...then again, I never have had a rat problem, just a cat problem..and we trapped about 14 in one year in the last place we lived.

    Poor Dame M :(

    Does she burn Sandlewood? That is my fav incense.

  3. I guess Sydney has rats Keshi, but I think we may have more in Melbourne.

    I don't know what she is burning Cazzie and I am not going to check. My mother has a constant cat problem in Pakenham because she feels sorry for them. The numbers grow and then she has to get rid of many of them. Been happening for three decades now.

  4. Nothing worse than the smell of rotting rats and Cazzie is right about the sandalwood but if you were a real friend you'd go around and crawl under her house and remove the rotting rodents for her.

  5. Alas Jo, I am the fairweather, insincere and shallow sort of friend and I used any stamina I may have had for crawling around under a floor on other purposes.