Sunday, July 15, 2007

New niece

How bad can timing be. My sister has a new baby and I am dying. Well, I have a cold. Is any person ever sicker than a bloke who has a cold?

We drove to Geelong today to see 'Now', which is what she was called before she was born. Now is a beautiful baby. Many friends of my sister were there, but not too long after my mother arrived and her presence seems to dominate everything. Being a bit infectious, I could not go near little Jo. All present had a turn nursing Now, including R. I would have liked to hold little Jo's hand. It will keep. She may be known as Jo, Joey or Now. She is not named after this bitch
who actually is quite nice.

We were told in advance that she is a beautiful baby and yes, she does not look so bad. I saw an expression on her face........'what am I in for?'

I also learnt stuff that I did not know. Milk does not arrive until about the third day after birth. The first couple of days are just liquid full of antibodies etc etc. The shite will then change colour. I was happier in my ignorance. Someone sent me this camera pic of Now.


  1. Andrew, she is beautiful!

  2. Aaawwww.... what a cutie, and definitely a Jo, but be warned... she'll grow up to be a bitch too.

  3. and who started the rumour about me bein nice???

  4. Not bad at all Rosanna.

    I reckon she will Jo. Already to aware and alert. Rumour quashed.

  5. Andrew, she is gorgeous. And well named, if I say so myself.

    You are surrounded by Jo s. There's no escape!

  6. Thanks Daisy Jo. I am surrounded indeed.

  7. How DID I miss this post??? OMG, I am sorry, I have been busy and working and stuff.
    She is even smiling, see that? She will be just beautiful like my girls. My Sarah smiled from the day she is born. The only time she is sad faced is when we are not quick enough to hugg her tightly before bed :)

  8. That is so sweet Cazzie. I just received an email from the bone doctor with a latest pic. She is lovelier than before.

  9. That is wonderful... awww, look at her there...I had to peek in at her I will go kiss my kids while they are sleeping...butter wouldn't melt!


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