Monday, July 30, 2007

He loves me

A couple of Saturdays ago we had some coffee in one of my favourite places, the outdoor cafe opposite Melbourne Town Hall. Our coffee arrived at our table and so did the coffee arrive to the people sitting near us. I distractedly glances at our lattes and noticed they had a pretty pattern drawn on them with the froth, a very silky froth as they usually are there.

That's nice I thought. I glanced at the coffee of the people sitting near us and theirs had no pattern. What is going on here?

You stupid vacant old queen, said R. The guy who is making them is gay. I looked and while it was not obvious when he was behind the counter, I could see there was some gayness about him as he moved around.

I was again there for coffee four days later but on my own. The same guy served me and this time I got a heart on top of my coffee. I could also tell he put a tiny pinch of love in the brew. What a sweetie.


  1. How is like a wonderful tale...take it all on board, it is nice to be noticed :)

  2. He clearly wants you... could be some free coffee in it for you.


  3. Beware the coffee boy. Falling for that trick cost me two years of my life.

    Maybe it works differently for - ahem - your people, but in hetero land, in my experience, no good can come of playing with the coffee boy.

    You have been warned.

  4. Fun of the chase Jo.

    Sound like wise words Hawkeye. I really have no intention. It just amused me.

  5. Especially at my age Cazzie.

  6. I fell for the coffee man too. A wonderful 18 months of wishful, wistful thinking about a very handsome man named Richard Barassi. I still wonder about him now, whatever happened to him...

    Ah, how handsome he was.

  7. Gorgeous Skander, it is great to have a memory of someone like that. Now, did you ask him if he was any relation to the Barassi? or did you just talk about his costa rican beans?