Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It is very cold today in Melbourne. The temperature at two in the afternoon is around six degrees, 40F. The daytime temperature in Melbourne is rarely below ten degrees. I am snugly indoors and I haven't been out at all today.

The hills around Melbourne have received enough snow for it to settle on the ground and some of Victoria's regional towns have been covered.

I, and probably most, are used to see kangaroos bounding through bush scrub, across dry plains or grazing on green fields. I did a double take when I saw this picture and had to think for a minute. Yes, I suppose some kangaroos do know what snow is and have experienced it before.

Pic courtesy The Age and Colin Wilson.


  1. Andrew I was working in Ballarat today(Wendouree)WOW I have never seen anything like it!!! It actually snowed for 2 hours the car park was filled with white cars... It was awesome to see I live in Melbourne so seeing it snow in a suburb for so long was amazing ..

  2. How often do you get snow there?

    And more importantly, was it enough for the kiddies to go out and make snowballs?

  3. That looks like my back yard after all the hail today. I took three photos before my fingers froze.

  4. What a place to be on a day so cold Robyn. I also came across pics of the Queen Victoria Statue and the town hall with snow over them. I saw in another pic the water creeping towards the boat sheds on the edge of the lake. Is it filling?

    It has snowed in Melbourne Daisy Jo, but I don't believe it has ever settled on the ground. The surrounding hills might get snow a couple of times a year but we also have mountains where there are snow resorts. So yes, kids would have been able to build snowmen and make snowballs.

    Without the kangaroos I guess Rosanna.

  5. Poor roos, that is an amazing image there.