Sunday, June 24, 2007

What got up my goat this week

Well, let me start with bloggers who you invest time and effort into and then they disappear.

A restaurant in Victoria Street, Richmond that has been there for twenty odd years. We had never been and won't go again as it is crap. We should have stuck to Tran Tran.

R's workmate's mother reversed her car into a unit adjacent to her own and knocked out half a bedroom. She is 87 and her husband it 93. She said the accelerator got stuck. Her husband agreed and said it has happened to him too. They were about to set off to drive to Queensland but there is a problem due to the wrecked car. I suppose this is a good thing. Get them off the roads, report them to Vicroads. I see so many old drivers who should not be near a steering wheel. Their only saving grace is that they do things so slowly, they are predictable. But making a neighbours unit uninhabitable is not great. Police target, Balaclava and Elsternwick and retirement villages.

In Australia, we drive on the left hand side of the road. If we are walking on the footpath, unless the other person's intentions are clear, we tend to walk to the left of oncoming walkers. Keep it in mind, and also keep in mind that if you are gym fit bunny chick walking with your stud boyfriend, and two old queens are walking towards you and the footpath is narrow, one of them is not going to step off the footpath and give way to you.

The Age columnist Catherine Deveny suggested that if Australia gets rid of of the UK and become a republic, we will no longer be a part of The Commonwealth. Not so. I am proud to be a part of The Commonwealth. I am proud of our English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish heritage (railroads in India, get it Rosanna?)

People who delay trams by trying to have a long conversation with the driver about where they are going, by standing in the doorway and preventing the tram from moving on.

Trams that seem to have no connection to the timetable, like we experienced the number three East Malvern tram today.

Not answered emails. There are emails that it is ok to not answer, and there are some that should be answered. You know the the difference surely. Respond to those that you should.

Worse than the incompetence of Yarra Trams and Connex is the incompetence and bottom line of VicRoads (we won't mow around trees and mow grass, we will just slash it and poison the grass around trees and signs and don't worry about the litter, someone else's department).

I will leave you with a grand hurrah. All you older people who are suddenly concerned about green house gasses, melting ice, loss of trees, rising sea levels, drought, climate change. Duh! This has been around for years. It was a known prediction for a long time. Why do you suddenly care? Why has it just become popular when it is almost too late?


  1. Got the whole Greenhouse lessons back in High School. Yes, nineties, but it's been around for ages, you're right.

    As for the Commonwealth, what's so bad about the current situation that we need change? Waste of money and time if you ask me. Next to railways, they also gave cricket...

  2. One of the most boring games ever invented. Change because I for all the faults of our leaders, I want an Australian leader, not a foreign one. We are a country in our own right and we should be govern ourselves. Forget the cost. Our pollies waste so much anyway.

  3. Quite a long list of irks for one week. Perhaps you and R should switch sides of the bed?

    So which one gave out - the bunny chick or stud?

  4. Been accumulating Daisy Jo.

    We sleep in separate bedrooms.

    Neither gave out, I maintain my space and brush past or hit hard. R steps out of the way, which is what I used to do.

    Tell we readers a bit more about the Freshman and your connection.

  5. Hmm I think I get it, but I may be on the wrong track (no pun intended). It is still early in the morning!

    I really liked this post. I think you touched on alot of reasons for debate - starting with bloggers who disappear. One of my blogging buddies just disappeared. Gone. Poof.

    And I feel slightly angered.

  6. David Tomlinson singing when trying to get the kids to visit the bank, I think.

  7. Railways through Africa, Andrew.

    Dams across the Nile.

    If you invest in the bank :)

  8. alot of things to be fixed..I know.


  9. Just testing Rosanna.
    I feel much better after a rant Keshi. Thanks for the comment.

  10. Anonymous9:04 am

    How dare you suggest the 'commonwealth' has anything to do with Eire! On behalf of all the Irish republicans I express my disapproval of your comment. Let alone the poor souls forced by geography to remain nailed to england, ie scots and welsh. And besides, what has the 'commonwealth' given beautiful Australia? union JACK. Absolutely nothing. An aussie can't even move freely work freely in the uk, we are all under suspicion. Do we ever see the riches of the commonwealth? humph, only when they're hanging around ER's neck.

  11. Not a bad rant grandma Bwca. I just love you micks.

  12. dear cameraface - I do agree with all your rants, and have supporting experiences of all of them.

    new grandchild with the 'notifiable name' is my 5th.

    I hope you don't think that slaggy old BrownieBlogger 'disappeared on you. The FBI gave her a new identity for her own safety.

    I hope nobody has bwca on RSS feed because I very frequently repair typos AFTER publishing a post.

    not a Mick.
    father Presbyterian.
    Mother a Mick.
    bashed me stupid as Nuns had bashed her.
    I was however, considering using His Holiness Il Papa as my Elegantly Dressed Wednesday this week. (EDW is an offshoot of Ben's Scorn & Noise blog.)
    Cardinal Pell
    - such! a sweetie (not),
    must give Gammarelli
    [the Vatican bespoke tailors]
    a Hell of a time whaddaya think?

  13. Yes, I have your new blog sorted and of course I have it on rss feed. How could I keep up otherwise? I ignore all blog errors or typos unless they are place names or important matters. Hope you do the same for me. Well you do, I know that already.

  14. I know it's crazy to respond to a post so old.

    But I agree with you about the email thing. I've had bad experiences with that.

  15. I must have been annoyed about one in particular Dina. Sometimes I have been guilty of not answering an email in a timely manner, as I can't get an answer right. You know, I have to think about that for a bit.