Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Walking Melbourne posts

I have been posting some photos with commentaries to Walking Melbourne. It is far more time consuming that writing a blog post. Checking the area out, taking the photos, choosing, fixing and sizing the photos, writing a comment and then posting them. There is no great reward, but I don't know of anyone else who has recorded these unique buildings. (Well, some have but you gotta buy the book)

If you want to take a look, click on Walking Melbourne and go to the forum. I don't think you have to be a member to just read. Then go to the Forum, then Buildings and Architecture, then the thread Alexandra Avenue - What do you know? My photos start on page two but skim through the whole thread to get why I took the photos. I am looking around for a new project. Suggestions welcome, but not too far away.


  1. Have you thought of putting these on a Google Map too, Andrew? You could have the pictures link through to the posts.

    (yes, I know, I do seem a little obsesses with Google maps and old things...)

  2. Can you go to outer Melbourne suburbs?

    In Melbourne, I have taken some good shots of the 100 plus year old Wrought Iron Fencing that makes the underground toilets...some in disuse...also, the outer encasement of the toilets out front of the Vic Market, where the tram route ends at a park. It was for a friend who had read about these on a Lonely Planet article about Melbourne.

    Inside the Royal Melbourne Hospital, there is a part of the original fence that surrouned the original hospital back in the day. There are also some books on history of the hospital.

    There is history attatched to the round about at the junction there near the Royal Melb Hospital too. A Coach driver once told me it was the meeting place for horse and carriage drivers to park their carriages while their passengers went shopping at the market. Now, as we know, the round about is a maze to get through with cars going through it and not looking out for trams...anyhow, perhaps you could take a pic of that and find an original pic of the area..back in the day?

  3. Maybe spreading myself too thinly Tony. I can scarcely keep up now.

    Seen those toilets Cazzie. Just from memory, wasn't it kind of stage coach depot at the Haymarket roundabout? And no to outer burbs. What I do is a pleasure for me. Adding a half hour drive would spoil it.