Thursday, June 14, 2007


Funny kind of a day. I stayed up too late last night and paid for it this morning. By one pm I was in Brunswick Street getting a hair cut. I have decided that generally, I don't like straight males cutting my hair. Although my hair cuts are hardly challenging for anyone, gay guys and women seem to do it just that bit better.

There were two hoods at the tram stop waiting with me on the way back to town. They were having a competition to see who could kick whom in the balls. Seems to be a lot of this on Youtube, bless them. They were only about sixteen and very sweet looking. I assumed them to be straight young rowdies, but now I am not not so sure. They had matching mobiles. They both had great hair in the modern fashion with lots of colour. They kept poking at each other. They were pulling their shirts up to show each other either the tops of their boxers or belt buckles. One decided to empty his shopping bag. He pulled out a shirt the same as the one he had on, but different colour. Then he pulled out a g string, or thong. There were two women sitting opposite them, one a stern faced old misery and the other a younger lass. Misery remained composed but the other lass smiled widely. "This is the Paris end of Collins Street", I overheard one say. They conversation then alternated between Paris, France and Paris Hilton. I felt like chipping in with Paris, Texas (t'was a movie).

I had just missed a number 3o tram, so I stayed on the tram until well into the city. I walked up Alfred Place and then Heffernan Lane to QV for some shopping. There was something about Alfred Place that I noticed, but it has slipped my mind. I did a bar persons course in the city when I was eighteen I think. It was mentioned that there was a camp bar in Alfred Place and I recall later there was the Italian Waiter's Club and Miettas, the restaurant. Now the Stamford Hotel dominates.

Heffernan Lane was interesting. There were all these signs that looked like parking signs. Here is what I just found out about them. Evangelos Sakaris' work, Word and Way, in Heffernan Lane, links the Greek and Chinese cultures of Lonsdale and Little Bourke Streets by disguising quotes from the ancient philosophers, Heraclitus and Lao Tzu, as public signage.

I love our city lanes and always use them when practical. You never know what you may come across.


  1. I don't mind who cuts my hair, so long as they wash it. It seems as though I get that tingle whoever's running their hands through it. I don't know what it is, but gosh and bother, it's nice!

  2. I had a head job once Rob. Like a strong head massage from a hairdresser before he washed my hair. It was very good and made me feel a bit weak at the knees.

  3. Love the lanes in Melbourne, me too, I used to frequent the Littale Riata, which reminds me of the song "Club at the end of the street" Elton John, it used to jump with us dancing to live band music..unreal!
    Then, Hardware Lane, with it's little restaurants and dudes playing live Latino music or rock n Roll..sounds great resonating off of the buildings and pathways.

    Love hearing about your days :)