Friday, June 01, 2007

Silver Daddies

Not too long after mentioning that we were going to Broken Hill, ex NT Policeman found us a nice Korean guy in Broken Hill to meet. Ummm, not sure that I want to catch up with a Korean guy in Broken Hill, but I needed to have a look at his pictures and so had to join Silver Daddies.

No sooner had I joined than this Iranian born guy came onto me strongly with explicit pics. He is quite nice looking with a nice slim body and a big.......personality, but I know of him from the past. He lives not far away.

Indeed it is up to me and I don't think so. I already know he talks horribly about Asians.

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Up 2 you ..

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Thank you for your reply S*******. I am thinking you are commercial?



  1. Nope, he won't do then will he, not if he is so openly racist, a definate turn off :(

  2. A good sex worker has a good memory. This guy has been around for quite a while and he clearly does not remember me. Not that we have met, but I gave him a serve once over his racism.

  3. Good for you dear :)

  4. Anonymous11:35 am

    I think you men should let your hair down.

    Racists have their opinions just like you do. You are no better than they expressing your opinions (bigotry) against them. We live in a world composed of many different types of humans, most you won't like but it is no excuse to go down the holier than thou route or take up a Rwandan solution.

    The motto for you is: Live and let live.

  5. Thanks for your comment Ponto. I stand by my point. If you don't like a certain race, fine. But they are not lesser beings, which is pretty well what this Iranian guy said, only not quite so nicely.