Thursday, June 14, 2007

She is at it again

Just like when we had our tunnel fire and Sydney then had to do a bit of one one-upmanship with a bad river cat accident, she just cannot nor bear us to have our own tragedy.

We have a truck into a train with a terrible loss of life and while she did not quite crack the number, NSW had to go all out with a flood that also killed people. I am getting a bit paranoid about this.


  1. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Why is it that she is a she? :)

  2. She's is on a competition isnt she. SCARY it is!


  3. Because the minute you step out of the airport it smells of sex Mercboi in a female manner.

    Tis rather Keshi. Can't wait for the next one to prove my point.....nah, better not say that.

  4. Very scary shit I reckon...I hate hearing of such things, just as I hate the sound of the chopper coming in at work because I know it means something bad has happened out there on the roads somewhere and people's lives will be affected from then on.