Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shaved down under. Beware. Frank personal detail and sexual content.

Steph had been sent many pictures of guy's cocks. She is an attractive young(ish) lass with badly chipped fingernail polish, so it is not surprising when she asked. Only one guy was prepared to share his pic with his name and even Steph did not dare publish it but left it to a crony. It was a fully shaved model. I am not keen on the look when it shows shaver rash and hair regrowth problems. If you are going to do the little boy look, then you have to do it free of evidence.

I think I wrote a post on my hair problems in the past. But I did not go into the really personal details.

I give the you the brief version from the past. As you get older, more hair grows and in new places. Above neck, I shave and pluck eyebrows. I shave and pluck ears. I pluck by hand and with tweezers nose. Ears get shaved and plucked. Of course I shave my face.

The bod, I used to pluck the odd hair around my nipples, but now so many grow on my chest, I just occasionally drag a razor over them.

Fine light hair now grows on my stomach. I leave that well alone. It is all very new to me.

Underarms I used to trim until a friend told me that he shaves his off. Not as inclined to smell, and he was right. I now shave my underarms every so often. In winter, it is not so important. Strangely, I have very hairy underarms, although fair.

There is the stray long hair that grows in an odd place that I pluck off.

Why do I bother? Who would notice? Well, I notice. I may be an ageing poof, but at heart I am still a smooth young man who his pursued by a hot daddy looking for a cute boi........or the reverse.

Just as an aside, I recall a gorgeous looking young guy I met in a sopv (look it up yourself) one day. He was ten years younger than me, but he so got off on my smooth body. He was a slim young man, but not really smooth. I guess he liked what he wasn't.

I have been known to shave or wax my legs, but only for very special occasions.

There was even a time when I could not tolerate hair on my fingers or toes and used to remove it. (Ah, just checked, not really hair on my fingers or hands and only very fair hair on my big toes).

What about the middle body bit, I hear you asking? Oh, you didn't. Course you did or you would not still be reading.

Crack wax. I can do it for you. I have done it for others and do it for myself. I suppose it is somewhat undignified doing your own. Squatting over a mirror is not the best look....well, that could be qualified, but I leave it alone. I like to overheat the wax the first time, just to see how you react. If your cheeks are hairy, I don't know about that, but I think I would use a razor but I suppose wax would work but you better be paying for the wax if you have a hairy ass.

What about the front bottom. Oh, I don't have one of those. I have bits hanging around. When very young, I used to trim a bit with scissors. Now I trim heavily with scissors. The stalk and the nads and under the nads are shaved smooth. The bit above is shaved into a flatish inverted triangle, with a significant apex I might tell you.

It is hardly a sexual thing to do you own hair removal, but doing someone else's can be. Or it can be clinical.

And if you are a virgin to hair removal, Doctor Highriser knows how to make the prickles stay at bay. I don't know about getting guys into good muscular shape, but I do know about hair removal and making the best of what they have.

Just like Miss Practically Perfect pulled a post the next morning after too much joi de vivre, I might do the same, or I might not.


  1. I began shaving my legs in Grade fou, why? Because girls I played netball with said I had hairy legs and they embarrased me. So, I got home that night, got my dad's Phillips Electric and shaved them. I have never had that sae baby smooth skin feeling agin since having that first shave. I curse those girls everytime I shave even now...and I hope my girls do not go down the path I did at such a young age. Will their fellow students do the same thing to them? I hope not.
    Just yesterday, Mia came up to me and said, "Look mummy, I have got BROWS on my arm!" I looked, and her little 4 year old arm had her lovely fine white hair standing on was cold, and it was about to rain. I said to her, "They are hairs lovely, they are not eyeBROWS".

    My other half uses the epilady, I brought it for her a few years ago now. Icould never do it, my leg hair is too course, I prefer to continue shaving. Other half does arms, legs, fingers..most places. I am not brave to do so.
    At work, the young girls say they use one of those mittens to exfoliate after waxing, especially after the brazillian waxing.

  2. Just like Miss Practically Perfect pulled a post the next morning after too much joi de vivre, I might do the same, or I might not.

    I KNEW it would show up in your feed! I had three emails the next day, saying 'Hey, Rosanna... this post appeared in my RSS'

    Sprung ;)

  3. Eyebrows on the arms. Hehe, the things kids come out with.

    Thought you might have reposted it Rosanna.

  4. Read Steph's post and when I saw those pics I was taumatized LOL!

    Hairy issues r pretty annoying!


  5. **traumatised

    bleh I cant even spell!


  6. No, once posts are deleted from wordpress - you can't get them back, so I have no idea what I even wrote.

    However I *am* impressed to see that you shave your legs (albiet ocassionally!)

  7. I like reading posts like this but illustrations would have been nice or very large pictures.

    I don't shave, I'm not allowed near sharp blades.

  8. I would not know spelling Keshi. I would have written 'in trauma' to avoid getting it wrong.

    Only for drag Rosanna. Guess you saw the pic.

    Au natural Jahteh. What if you got a fellah?

  9. a picture? NO?

    But you must email it. As I love photos.

  10. I linked to it on my blog. Some people knew to click. It is here.¤t=Lips.jpg

  11. ya-ha. Found it. Tehe.

  12. After 25+ odd years of plucking my eyebrows, it doesn't sting anymore, but I don't know that I could tweeze my nose hairs if I needed too. OUCH!

  13. You could start up your own hair removal business... imagine gossiping and perving all day AND getting paid for it

  14. Yep Daisy Jo, you do get used to it. Nose hair is the worst, but does not really hurt anymore.

    And turn pleasure into work Jo? Nah.