Monday, June 11, 2007


Like some of our immigrants have taken the word wog as their own and blacks in the US have taken niggers for their own use between them, up to a point, most gay men don't have a huge problem with the word poofter.

But if any of the above are used as an abuse, of course there are problems and I cannot forget my childhood when poofter was only a derogatory term with a clear negative meaning.

Someone posted in a public internet forum the word poofter. He is a talented guy in his field and I religiously follow his artistic efforts. In a reference to his work, he mentioned wanky, arty, poofter in a self deprecating way. I am not sure if I over reacted, but I just did not like it and sent him a private message with my views. I was nice of course and my only really complaint was that it was public forum. I did get what he meant. He sent back a very nice apologetic and explanatory reply and he also has a good sense of humour.

As I said, I may have overreacted, but it is a dangerous and very loaded word to use around people my age. If you use it in your blog, I will judge it in its context. But don't let it run off your fingers, just think about it first. I have seen the word in some blogs I read but I can't say I have ever read it in a blog and being offended, but all my blog mates are such nice people.

Now this old pooftah queen needs his beauty sleep.


  1. Yep, I see your point, it is not merely just a word that can be used flippantly, and it does not really exist in my vocabulary.
    My kids sometimes say, oh, this song is so gay..and I say, what do you mean, and they say, well, you know, gay..and I say, yes, it means happy. They say oh..and they run off and play. Not sure where they got it from. Not from us here.
    Once, my son was called gay by a kid last year at school. Each morning, when the bell goes, my kids all run up to me to kiss me and run off happily to class..for my son, it was not a happy kiss. I asked what had happened, I went and sorted it out with the kid who said such a thing. It never happened again.
    Also, my aunt is Maltese, she calls herself a wog at times, jovially, but it is offensive to her and to us if people call her that in a demeaning manner.

  2. I work with a whole bunch of gay guys, and find this one intresting. They don't care if gay or ghey is bandied about, but homo or faggot is definately out, as it should be.

    However, it's ok for them to call me a lamo hetro, and a fester flange *cries* They're so MEAN!!

  3. I suppose there's two things to keep in mind when using words like those mentioned - Context and Company. Only on Sunday did a friend of mine use the word "faggot" in it's proper context (we were discussing burning witches after someone brought up Salem). We both chuckled a bit seeing as even using it correctly, it still has all the harshness of the other use. One of the oldies at work still likes to pull out an old newspaper clipping about "Having a gay time at Glenhuntly Tram Depot" regarding the band. Context and company.

  4. Hate the 'P' word as I've only ever heard it in the worst context.

    'fester flange' Steph, well I suppose it's only slightly worse than Dumbo flaps.

  5. New one for me Steph. But you love the attention I'm sure.

    I know you are too nice, but if Andy called me poofter, I wouldn't have a problem.

    Gay is a bit of a hard one Cazzie as it so commonly used, or was. But it has bad connotations, so best avoided.

    Another new one for me Jahteh. I should get out more.

  6. ppl need to think b4 they write. I agree.

    **Now this old pooftah queen needs his beauty sleep

    u wrote it too LOL!