Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oh no, not water again

R made it quite clear to me that he is fed up with worrying about our water consumption. We have been a bit through the mill over water, what with the building's water consumption and discovering our personal use is rather high.

A neighbour has been doing some personal investigations and he did not ask us, but I provided him with details of our water bills going back eighteen months. He has put them into a clear comparative format.

Compared to two neighbours, couples, both childless, we should use around the same amount of water as they do. Except they all have other properties and are here about 7/8ths of the time we are. They don't work and so don't have so much washing. They use their dishwashers about every three days, we use ours nearly every day, full. They probably shower once a day rather than us twice a day. Perhaps they have water saving shower heads. At least one couple has a water efficient front loading washing machine and we don't.

Their bills, between 12 and 14 kilolitres per three months. Ours around 30 to 32.

It is a big difference, nearly double or triple.

Ok, I have made it clear in the past that I am not giving up my showerhead for a water saving model. I have tried them, R has tried them and we do not like them.

But we could try flow restrictors. At a small hardware store in the city in QV, they had restrictors of 9, 12 and 18 litres per second. Our showers are not mains pressure but the water is pumped, so it is less than normal at 20 litres per minute. Unfortunately they were out of 12s, so we bought a 9, the standard now I believe. Hideous. I was freezing cold in the shower because there was no proper spread of water. Forget it. Maybe I could wear a 15.

R visited the very large hardware shop at Altona the next day and was among the last to travel at 100 kph on the Westgate Freeway. He brought home some flow restrictors, four for the price of the one in the city. Ok, it was better quality, but these do the job. Strangely the 9 litre one seemed better, but not good enough. I then tried the 12 litre one and while it does noticeably restrict the water pressure from the shower, I think I can get used to it.

If I don't get used to it and I don't see a considerable drop in our water consumption, it can go down the chute and I go back to my glorious full flow standard shower head. I know in dollar terms it won't make much difference and it irks me that our governments have not secured us a decent supply of water but the neighbour comparison does alarm me somewhat.


  1. ur such a good citizen of this Earth. Good on ya!

    btw I havent washed my car in abt a year...:)


  2. Most kind Keshi. But laziness cannot be wrapped up as water conversation, even though it has the same effect. :-P

  3. haha u caught me!


  4. Gosh, water is turning out to be a serious issue. I doubt anyway could've pre-empted in twenty years ago. Imagine us in another twenty years time...

  5. You know, it's possible that your neighbors aren't showering at all.

  6. Nothing worse than having to run around in the shower to get a little bit wet is there? Having grown up with tank water, I know that the way I use water, even with my large family, is in a conservative manner. Thing is, it never leaves you, I just don't have long showers.
    My kids are like the water police around here, and they make sure the tap is not dripping when they have washed their hands.
    I reckon you ought to go on as usual. I say this because I know you would not just stand there and water your balcony!!!
    It is the big businesses that should be watched over and policed, not people like you and R living in a highrise.
    I would be well OVER it too.
    Second thoughts...do your neighbours stink? I bet they never even shower!! LOL

  7. If something is done to secure a decent water supply Rosanna, I don't want to be here in twenty years.

    Wish I could say otherwise Daisy Jo, but they are always clean and don't smell.

    I too grew with limited water Cazzie, and I am not going back there.

  8. Andrew, that is fair enough I reckon..counting rungs on the tank was never my favourite job, especially if it was low and I had to have the last bath!!