Friday, June 01, 2007

Nice memory

Maybe I wrote something about it back when it happened. I suppose I could go back and check but it might spoil the post. It is well over a year ago now when R's sister and brother in law were here. You remember? We took them to Sydney and they married. Great time.

I should have said it was not the right day, but it was planned that we took them to Healesville Sanctuary. It was around 43 degrees that day. We all suffered badly. Stopping off for a cold drink on the way home in Healesville was a mistake as the power had been cut. Minimal lighting and no air con in the Healesville Hotel.

We arrived home and one of those extra special Melbourne cool changes happened. We all showered and dressed up a bit and caught the tram to Lygon Steet to show them the Bali Memorial in Swanston Street and have a meal. R's sister looked fantastic. In spite of all the exotic restaurants in Lygon Street, we ended up eating at the pub. We sat outside in a nice cool breeze. After the meal, we tried to take photos of bats. It was a wonderful evening.


  1. As I was passing that very memorial today, a park ranger was there telling a few skater kiddies that it was verboten. The first time I've seen that happen. If you ask me, they should be shot with a tranquilizer and released somewhere else. It's a bloody memorial!

  2. Good news Rob. I emailed a councillor and although she did not reply, things have happened. I will post about it.