Saturday, June 02, 2007

The gay boy before he knows

I think I have put too much gay content into my blog lately, so I will lay off after this post. I have next week off work and so intend to be out and about and have some more interesting stuff to post.

R has a female workmate. She is Aussie but was married to a Jamaican. He was a bit of a rasta and because of his rasta type habits, she could not live with him but she still sees him. They have a son, who inherited the best of both parents and is very good looking with just a nice amount of colour in his skin.

He is fourteen and his school sounds quite accommodating.

He has had some small parts in theatre and auditioned for some big parts, including the Lion King. He participated as a performer in the Commonwealth Games opening and closing shows.

He went on a school excursion earlier this year and received an exemption to travel on the bus with the girls. He refused to travel on the bus with boys.

He has now asked for personal accommodation on a school camp as he is not allowed to sleep in the girls dorm and he refuses to sleep in the boys dorm. The school is looking into it.

His mother says she will hide his Barbie dolls that he normally sleeps with before he goes on this camp.

He has now joined the all female school cheer squad as they cannot stop him.

Do you think there might be a chance he could be gay?


  1. Maybe just the tiniest bit.

  2. never mind 'might be gay?' - he is at least CIVILISED - I mean, who on earth could sleep in a dormitory full of 14-year-old boys.
    If this tall golden and beautiful boy can just survive teen-hood with his psyche intact, he will be OK.

  3. Daisy Jo, his mother has her head in the sand and refuses to notice anything different about him.

    He will fine Brownie. He knows how to work the system already and has many friends, albeit it all female.

  4. 'albeit it all female' for 14 he already has great taste.

    An all boy dorm, crap. Worst thing I ever did for my son was send him to golf camp and they put him in with 14's, he was not yet 12. He didn't sleep for a week and used his foot deodorant spray in their faces to keep the mongrels away from him. He didn't call us because he wanted to learn as much golf as he could and he wouldn't give in.

  5. It is crap Jahteh. I had some bad experiences at a school camp and nothing to do with being effem or gay.

  6. Sure there is a chance he could be gay, but I think that's beside the point. From what you described, especially the bit about the barbie dolls, it sounds like he has gender identity issues. If he does it's probably doing is head in, and needs the support of his parents to deal with it.

  7. Maybe Ben. He certainly is effeminate but he has a loving mother so that is important.

  8. GID me thinks, personal opinion of course.

  9. Did I overdo it? I haven't actually met him and am just repeating what I glean from R. He could just be an effem gay boi who is in full control of what he does. R must keep working to pay my bills (I wish), so I guess I will find out how he turns out as a late teen.

  10. Yes, you could be right Andrew, I hope so, I hope he is in full control of what he does, and that he has the most understanding and reassuring parents aswell :)