Sunday, June 24, 2007

A funny thing happened on the way to the recycling room

Actually it was in the recycling room. We have a charity clothing bin in the recycling room now. It was put in on Friday and by this evening it was full and surrounded by bags of more stuff. When I first checked that it was there, it was empty, so I was surprised that it was so full today. I brought the stuff I took down back home until it is cleared.

But as is my want, I often return from the recycling room with more than I take down. I brought back a Japanese male fashion mag to flick through. Pics of hot Western and Asian guys. The front cover is on the back. I know why, but I could only flick through front to back.

Alas, no Sunday Age in the bin. A few old computer books, but what is the folder with personal printing in it. I have not quite finished skim reading through it but it a folder with clear pockets that you can insert A4 pages into. It contained the printed out love emails between an overseas girl studying at RMIT and her boyfriend back in what I thought was Hong Kong, but he seems to write in Singlish, so I am not sure. Nothing juicy yet and while it chronological, some information that was talked about in telephone calls is missing. It was complete with pictures of them at the end.

What would possess someone to so carelessly discard something, complete with email addresses? I feel like emailing her to ask if she meant it to be discarded like that, for anyone to pick up and read.

There was more stuff in the huge paper recycling bin, but someone else entered the recycling room and I would not want him to think I was the sort of person who goes through bins.

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